How long should a man's fingernails be?

  1. I will sometimes grow the nails on my thumb, index and middle finger of my right hand for picking my guitar if I know I had a performance coming up in a month or so. How long should a man's fingernails be?
  2. IMO, as short as possible. I'm not a fan of long nails on men.
  3. I hate when you can see white at the tips on men's nails.
  4. Long fingernails on men are a pet peeve of mine. I insist that my DH keep his cut short!
  5. Short as possible.
    I wouldn't mind if the man had a reason for them being long (like for your guitar) but if it's lazyness about grooming, ick.
  6. I love long fingernails on guys. I have several male friends that have long fingernails and I wouldn't care if my fh kept his long, but he likes to keep them sort of short.
  7. I find long fingernails on men a little disturbing. It's probably thanks to the time that someone introduced me to this picture:


    Shridhar started growing his nails in 1952 at the age of 14. He has been in the Guinness Book of World Records for the past 20 years. His hand is permanently disfigured now.
  8. Long fingernails on men are gross and womanish or old mannish. If there is any white at the tip it looks freaky. Don't they make guitar picks for that?
  9. :wtf: grossssss

    Anywho...mens nails need to be short short short short short and even shorter! I HATE long nails on men. My SO keeps trying to sneak and not cut his pinky nail(why? thats so pointless!) and I HATE it and make him cut it! It just looks womanly and just...yuck!
  10. well, if you play guitar that is a little different than just a man's nails in general. The lady who does my nails does acrylics for a couple guys who play guitar to make their nails stronger. They aren't so long that they look goofy though. I just say keep them neat and as short as you can and you'll be fine. What I think is really gross is when men's nails are all chewed up and yucky.
  11. Um...most guys I know who do that keep the pinky nail long to either cut open a blunt or use it to snort powdered drugs.
  12. Short.
  13. As short as possible...groomed, not bitten down, yuck.
  14. Are you serious? As short as possible really makes me think of NASTY bitten down nails. OF COURSE you have to see some of the white, if not, they are too short and most probably bitten down and Nasty. I was always told they should be no longer than the finger itself and they should not show if you look inside your palm/i.a. not see them from the other side of the finger. Nothing is more unattractive and ugly than bitten down nails on both genders and it's not very pretty having a lot of flesh showing over the tip of the nails either. :push:
  15. I agree. I like it when there's a tiny bit of white tip showing. Only a very small bit. I don't like when there's absolutely no white, because I also thinks it looks way too short and bitten down. On the other hand, I don't like extremely long nails on guys because usually it will probably have tons of dirt underneath the tips and it looks feminine.

    However, like said, if you have a legitimate reason for growing out your nails like playing guitar, then that's totally fine.

    I don't like when guys shave their legs, but if they have to do it for a sport like football or even swimming, then I wouldn't care.