How long shipping from Canada to US? & when to file item not received?

  1. I won and paid for an auction on March 31st, I still haven't received it. It was supposed to be shipping from Canada via Canda Post Expedited Parcel.

    I tracked the package on the Canadian Post's website and all it says is:
    2007/04/0211:24HALIFAX, NS Shipping details electronically submitted

    Anyone know what that means?

    I think I only have 30 days to file a not received claim, so I may have to just start that process.

    The auction was for a bag that is a present for my little sister. :sad: It wasn't super expensive, but this is dissapointing.
  2. Anyone???
  3. I'd also try putting that tracking # into the usps website to see if it was scanned at all in the US.

    Have you been in contact with the seller? Probably the best bet is to contact them and see if you guys can work something out. She/he should have gotten a receipt from the post office that has a # for them to call for inquiries. So at least they can try following up with the post office.

    Unfortunately the only guaranteed scans they do for expedited parcel is upon acceptance and on delivery. The package may or may not be scanned in between. Also, I don't think the post office considers it "lost" until 30 days after shipping acceptance - so you may have a timing issue with opening a not received claim. :sad:

    Hope this gets resolved easily by your package arriving today or tomorrow! Good luck!
  4. I would definitely contact with the seller...I send from Canada to the US all the time, and when you enter in the tracking number it should say when the electronic details were submitted and then when the item was actually dropped off for mailing at the post office...unfortunately, then nothing shows up until it is delivered, but the tracking site should say the estimated delivery well, the items do have to go through US Customs which we have no control over but I have found the delivery time to be about 2 weeks on average...hope that helps...
  5. Thanks, that is helpful. The only info. on the Canadian website is what I posted, I don't really understand it.
  6. from what you say, it would appear that they haven't even dropped it off at the post office can get the postage cost and a shipping label electronically with Canada Post, and that is when it says 'details submitted electronically'...then there should be a record that says 'item scanned at post office in wherever for shipment' with the date of when they actually dropped it off...if the seller states that they dropped it off then they better contact their local post office...if you don't recieve communication in a timely manner I would open up a dispute with Paypal for an item not recieved...good luck...
  7. This is not the case if you drop it in the mailbox instead of walking it to the post office. I post items from my store via mailbox all the time and it's just as reliable, but without a post office acceptance scan. Just FYI before the seller gets accused of not shipping.
    If 14 days have passed, Canada Post will open a trace for Expedited. It would be better to ask the seller to go that route rather than filing a Paypal claim which won't really solve the problem, IMO...
  8. if she sent it by expedited parcel, it can take up to two weeks. sometimes even longer.

    shipping to the u.s. from canada takes a l-o-o-o-n-g time.

  9. I agree it does take a long time...this happened to me updates on the tracking # but eventually the items arrived to the US safely.
  10. I ship to the US from Canada all the time and it averages about 2 weeks. Expedited is supposed to take 12 working days, which really is not *expedited* at all.
  11. I shipped a box from Indiana to Canada last week.

    It left here on Thursday. They brought it back Saturday morning saying I didn't pay enough postage thru click-n-ship. (woops! lol). So Saturday it officially mailed off.

    It arrived Thursday to the receiver.

    So even in long extended cases from US TO Canada is seven days for the expedited post. (Not most expensive- but allows tracking)

    I'm not sure about FROM Canada tho?
  12. this means she got her shipping label online not at the post office. It will show up as accepted at postal office once they actually have the bag in their hand.
    As for shipping time, hard to say, i've had bags held up in customs for a month, but it iwll show that on your tracking, Arrived at customs/or entered into city of delivery.
  13. also if she is shipping to the us go to and try the tracking there. There are times when the doesnt update and its already left for destination.
  14. Hello,

    I purchase a Bottega Veneta bag and it was shipped out last November 27, 2013. It was shipped via Canada Post Expedited and Insured Parcel and was supposed to arrive in less than a week. I've read the messages above and according to it, the delivery would take about 2 weeks if going to the US. I've never bought an item from Canada and I don't know the whole procedure. My questions are these:

    1. How long will the bag be at the Customs? (I don't even know if it's at the Customs because according to the USPS website, the last update on the tracking tool says:
    DATE & TIME: November 30, 2013 , 3:38 am
    STATUS OF ITEM: Processed Through Sort Facility

    Btw, on the Canada Post website, the last update is: "2013/11/30 03:38 USORDS,USA Item has arrived in foreign country"

    2. Once cleared at the Customs, will the bag be delivered directly at my house? If so, will there be a fee?

    I'm grateful for any answers as I'm really worried. Thanks!
  15. This thread is five years old.

    You are a bit premature in your worry. The item was shipped 5 business days ago. Just because it's 'supposed' to be there in less than a week doesn't mean it will. I'm in Canada and have ordered many things from the US and it usually takes about 2 full weeks. I once had a bag stuck at Customs for a week. Once it clears, the bag will be delivered to whatever address you provided to the seller. If that is your house, than of course it will be delivered to your house. If the bag was flagged at Customs, there will most likely be a fee of about 10% plus whatever handling fees the carrier charges (usually about $9.95).