How long it take to confirm a address with Paypal?

  1. I sold an LV bag and my buyer pay instantly via Paypal on 12-20-07, but I cannot ship the bag because her address is Unconfirmed. She told me that she will try to confirm her address but because of the holidays it will be delay until 12-27-07. I have no choice but refund her the payment because according to Paypal's seller protection policy I have to ship the bag within 7 days to qualify.
    She said Paypal will sent her some paypers for her to confirm her address...
    -How long is the process of confirmed address will take?
    -Is there anything I should do now other than WAIT :s?
    Thank you.
  2. Wrong- all they have to do is link a CC to their Paypal account and it verifys that the address the CC is billed to is the Address they use-Confirming the address. They can link one of their own existing CCs or they can open a new CC with Paypal and get it confirmed...IF they don't want to put a CC with the PP account it will take a week as I believe mail is sent and then they login with a code they get in the mail to confirm. IF they use a CC to confirm - they do not have to USE the CC it is for confirming the address. HTH
  3. Thank you for your help.
    And yes, I remember that she had mentioned of some kind of CODE paypal will sent to her to confirm her address.
    I just wait to see what will happen.
  4. Once she confirms her address with Paypal, you have to refund her money and she has to pay again so this time her address shows as confirmed. Paypal will not update her address as confirmed on the payment she has already made.
  5. I just don't understand those buyers. The listing clearly stated that IF YOU ARE PAYING VIA PAYPAL, I WILL ONLY SHIP TO PAYPALs CONFIRMED ADDRESS -NO EXCEPTION-
    but they still bid knowing that their address is unconfirm, and here Iam still waiting for her to confirm her address, and 7 days had passed after the auction is closed. I already refund the payment to her,because I have to ship the item within 7 days to qualify for Paypals seller protection policy:nogood:
    At first you are worry if your item ever sell? and now you are worry if you ever get pay?
    Is it frustrated?:sad: