How long is your City's shoulder strap?

  1. A new bbag has arrived for me!!! But I'm worried about the shoulder strap, it seems really short compared to my last City, which is no longer mine. (So I can't check!)

    So... please anyone who has a city could you measure it in inches and let me know what it is! Thanks!

    I'm sure the bag is genuine I just think it might be a strap from a different style. :sad: Perhaps if we get enough measurements on other threads this could be a reference one sometime?

    Thanks in advance!!!!!! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
  2. The shoulder strap on my First is 13.5 inches along the leather parts only (not including any of the hardware) - sorry I don't have a City! Good luck!!
  3. Anyone? I cant find any reference to the strap lengths.... except when atelier was around :crybaby::crybaby:(missing!)
    Do i need to measure including the bales as well? I found a lovely pfers eBay auction that said the strap was 24.5" is that including bales? TIA
  4. I just got an 07 City with SGH.
    The shoulder strap, from end to end including the hardware is 25".
    The length of the leather part, excluding hardware is 20"
  5. Oh thank you mine is about 19.5" excluding the hardware..... would you be able to tell me the width of the strap. I just cant work it out but it looks small somehow.... maybe its the right length but a slimmer version maybe for a twiggy or box.... TIA
  6. Sure!

    The width of the leather strap is 1 and 1/16" and is uniformly wide.

    There is a slip on shoulder stabilizer piece that is 3" at it's widest part (the center), and it is 7.5" long. This piece slips onto the leather strap, allowing you to position it so it is right over the shoulder.

    Hope this helps!..Jean
  7. My new Forest Green strap is the same as this one and just over 1.5" wide.

    The shoulder 'pad' bit is around 3" x 7.5".

    I haven't measured my other Cities but this one looks and feels familiar when hung over the shoulder.
  8. Just wondering if they are longer then on the city.
  9. The shoulder straps on the PT are longer than on the City, yes.
  10. What about the handles?
  11. The handles are longer! It's my favorite thing about the PT. My PT handles fit comfortably over a heavy jacket with room to spare.

    The shoulder strap is also longer and long enough to be worn messanger style if you're fairly small (which I'm not!).
  12. I can wear the PT messenger style, just. I'm slim but tall.

    For just carrying on my shoulder, I actually prefer the city length. But the larger handles of the PT are great and it's nice to have the option to wear the bag messenger style.

  13. I do wear it crossbody as well and it drapes perfectly, great style!
  14. If I can wear it crossbody, I'd venture a guess that almost anyone can. I just prefer not to because it emphasizes my too-large ...ahem... "chestal" area. ;)