How long is too long to ship?

  1. I don't know what it is about the last two weeks, but every seller I have bought things from are taking really long to ship. When I sell, I ship within three days tops. I am going on two weeks now and still haven't received anything from this seller I paid over $800 via paypal for an item. I have emailed twice-- once through eBay and once directly from my email and the seller has not responded. How long do you give it before you open up a dispute? Their feedback is good, but if they were going to take forever to ship, they should post a warning. Or am I just impatient?
  2. your not being impatient. You contacted them and they should have gotten back to you. I would be annoyed.
  3. I don't understand why sellers don't send a simple email to say the item is on the way. Especially when the buyer is spending so much on an item.

    How long has it been since you paid? They should at least acknowledge your emails.

    I forgot to mention, in order to be covered by paypals protection policy the seller needs to ship within 7 days of payment. However according to the FTC they have 30 days to ship.
  4. Thanks. It has been two weeks since I paid. Two days since my last email and no response at all from the seller.
  5. I usually ship with 48 hrs. after an auction and always email the buyer to let them know so. I think you've been more than patient and if she hasn't answered any or your emails, you should definitely open a dispute. It's not a $15.00 item! Do it right away before it's too late to recover from her Paypal account!
  6. I'd also file a dispute. Don't wait too long because there is a time limit.
  7. Was the item shipped via USPS? I once had an item shipped via USPS from east coast to west coast. It took 12 days to get here. So, assuming that the seller had shipped out the item already, it can possibly be the fault of USPS.
  8. It's poor service not to send you an email with shipping tracking info and really poor service not to respond to emails after 2 weeks.

    As seller, I ship within 24 hours of receiving payment because that's how I like to be treated as buyer. If the seller had special circumstances where s/he couldn't ship timely, an email would be nice.

    I'd open a claim/dispute. money seems to get responses!
  9. Good point but over $250 requires signature confirmation for Paypal... which the seller should have emailed to OP. She'd be able to track it.

  10. If you open a dispute I believe the seller will then have to provide tracking to avoid the dispute automatically being found in the buyers favor.
  11. I would send a non threatening tone email that you are "concerned" since it has been two weeks and you have not heard back from them. I would also state out of concern if I do not receive item or email within 72 hours I will be filing a claim. I believe this can be stated in a firm yet nonthreatening manner.
  12. I'd open the dispute. Babyjlo is right. The seller has to provide tracking info to PayPal, otherwise they will automatically lose the dispute. Maybe filing the dispute will light a fire under the seller's a$$ to ship it!
  13. Thanks all. I filed a claim Friday night, but have not escalated it to a dispute yet. Hopefully, the claim will get the seller's attention and he will send me the tracking numbers. If I haven't heard from him by tuesday (or received the item), I am going to escalate it.

    thanks again for all the great advice.
  14. No clue on how, or if, it shipped. Seller did not list method other than "standard service" and has ignored my emails. I paid after buying the item, have sent multiple emails, and heard nothing. I am not blaming the seller for the delay in receipt, but he needs to communicate with me. Without a tracking number, it is hard to have faith after two weeks that something will arrive, especially when I paid over $800.
  15. It sounds like you're being really reasonable about this. You're not up in arms about the shipping taking so long per se, but about the lack of communication. That's totally within the seller's control, and there's really no excuse for not getting back to you.