How long is too long at a consignment shop?

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  1. I am using a consignment shop for the first time and now I'm wondering if I should have just used eBay. Hmm...

    In December, I sent 3 bags to CoutureUSA and there they've been sitting ever since. One LV even has a receipt, dust bag, and box, but no movement whatsoever and the website description does not mention these items (that concerns me). I haven't talked to CoutureUSA about it. I cannot tell if anyone has liked these or not.

    I went with CoutureUSA because they offered me a better deal than others (of course, the day after I sent it I got a better offer), but I'm afraid they are less well known than other shops.

    At what point should I ask for them back? Am I being too anxious?
  2. I love working with couture USA, I have bought and sold to them but I have always picked the direct buy option. I don’t know how busy the website compared to other reseller sites. How popular are the items? You can ask them to return the items and see what they say. Is there something on the contract that states they have to be there for a certain period of time? I think if you ask they would probably return the items....
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  3. There is no contract and I think I can request them at any time. I'm not sure if I should request them back or let them stay a while. I don't know how to properly frame this in my mind.
  4. How popular are the items? I would probably requests them back or switch to direct buy option....