How long is the wait list....

  1. for the tivoli? (and how is it pronounced?)

    If you're on the wait list, how long have you been waiting, or how long did you wait before you got one?

    I'm thinking about putting myself on the wait list and want to get an estimate of how long it would be before I could actually purchase one.

  2. the more WL your are on, the better your chances are :yes: It depends on your relationship w/SA, but i don't think it will be too long since LV want have enough stock for the upcomming V-day. 866 is can also help you locate one, good luck! :flowers:
  3. i have often wonderd how long a waitlist is......
  4. I don't know how long the list is but the LV that I frequent is making WLers put their CC down and are charging them upon arrival. That means that the product is really in demand.
  5. ^ yeah right now i'm waitlisted at 3 different LVs, for the miroir cosmetic case in silver. two of the places I called had me give my CC#. the miroir items are really in demand and they're LE so everybody wants them. i agree with what others have said--the more places you WL the better your chances of getting what u want.just understand that when it comes in your CC will get charged
  6. I was on the wait list for about a month. Then on New Years Day, I got lucky and nabbed one from ELux. They sold out in about 20 minutes flat! I was one of the lucky ones! I recommend getting on several waitlists---like someone else mentioned. ;)
  7. Yep.. the more WL's the better.. I was on 3 for my Trevi.. I got a call the same day from one store and the next day from another.. that was some waitlist! LOL
    I think LV is easier gotten in Canada... the WLs seem to be shorter.
  8. Wow.

    I didn't know the waitlist for the Tivoli was so massive.
    I'm still working to save for mine... so I'm not quite ready to go on any waitlist at the moment.

    Do you think in about 5 months or so the demand will die down a bit?
  9. Others have commented on the waitlist. I'll comment on the pronunciation - Tivoli is pronounced Tih-voh-lee.
  10. Thanks everyone!
  11. I had talked to a SA here in Hawaii and she said that the demand for the bag is high all over the nation. I was on the waitlist for 3 weeks and was told when I went on it probably a couple of months but obviously it came way sooner, so you never know. I also had to give my credit card number and that bumped me ahead of people.
  12. Thanks so much for the info!
  13. TIHV-o-lee. Accent on the TIV.
  14. The first time I decided to waitlist for the Tivoli PM and GM was either Jan 8 or 9. On Jan 10 I got the call that my PM was ready to ship. On Jan 12, I got the call my GM was ready to ship. After seeing the GM IRL, I thought it was too big and shipped it back. But found myself constantly thinking about it. On Jan 22 I decided to ship the PM back and reorder the GM from another store. Luckily, they had just gotten a shipment that day. One was on hold for someone but the other had my name all over it. I guess I was lucky that I didn't have to really waitlist either time. :smile:

    I did put my name down at three different stores initially though. It was funny cuz all stores called me within a day or two of each other saying my name was up. I guess it depends where you are in the country and how much inventory your local store receives. I have never had to wait long for a bag.

    Right now I'm WL'd for the Montorgeuil, Galliera, and Watercolor VVN Speedy. I think I'm at the top of the list at all three of my stores. I'm sure I'll be able to get them all as soon as they're released.

    Oh yeah, I just received the second GM today and am definitely keeping it!
  15. seems like i am the lucky one ^^; my favorite 866 rep found one for me w/n 10 min after i called. But don't give up, the more you call the better your chances of getting it.