How long is the Campeggio strap?

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  1. I never thought of getting a Tokidoki before... but I tried on the Adios Star Stellina yesterday at Bloomingdales and can't stop thinking about it. When I looked online, I also saw the Campeggio and thought that might be a better size, but I can't tell how long the strap is. Is the strap adjustable to messenger lenth like the Stellina?
  2. I actually like the campeggio better because the strap lets out further. The stellina is a tiny bit too short for me.
  3. Thanks for the info! Now I'm more comfortable ordering on-line if I can find it in person.
  4. Yes,I'd guess the campeggio is about 2 inches longer? Or more...its plenty long. Its great! The stellina is a tiny bit short if you're bigger chested like I am but I'm not letting it keep me from getting a stellina. It also works great as a shoulder bag!
  5. the campeggio is definitely larger than the stellina... try going to macy's and try it on to compare :smile: i have a stellina and the length is just fine (i'm ~5'6" and not big chested though)
  6. I just measured mine: the Stellina strap is 41" and the Campeggio is 43" (maximum length). The Campeggio is HUGE -- way bigger than the Stellina. Much more like a messenger bag, too big and floppy for me to use as a handbag but it would work well as a carryon or book bag. Have you looked in the Great Bag Reference Post? Bubblesung posted pix of herself with both the Stellina and the Campeggio, so you can see the difference:
  7. yeah, any new prints I buy before the end of the year, I hope to have in stellinas if the print looks good on them. Well...except for the vacanze...I might like that in a tote style.
  8. Ooh, thanks for pointing me to that thread... I'm new to the Tokidoki forum. Very helpful. Thanks!