How long is it reasonable to be "on hold"?

  1. I got to wondering today while I was on hold (returning a call) how long is the appropriate or reasonable amount of time to wait? I hung up after six minutes. I know people are busy and have a lot of responsibilities at their jobs so I don't want to give up prematurely, but on the other hand I have things to do. :confused1:
  2. I've been on hold for up to 45 minutes (yes, all at once). But it was a very important call and the woman told me that it might take a bit. So I actually put the phone on speaker, took it with me in the bathroom, tooka shower, dryed my hair and got dressed in the time that it took her to get to me :smile:

    It was one of those 800 numbers, so I would have never gotten this same girl again and she was SOOOO helpful, I didn't want to hang up :smile:
  3. Wow six minutes?! I don't wait that long lol...unless its extremely extremely important...i'm reallyyyy impatient :cursing:
  4. It depends on whom you are calling. If it's say student loans, the bank, any tech support, expect to stay on foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrr. However if it was a secretary, I would hang up after about 4 minutes.
  5. 3 minutes 5 tops if i am waiting for money to be credited on a card or a fee waived
  6. i would say max MA 8-10mins.. but as most others said depends what for.. if im on thte pphone with someone and they go to another line.. within 3mins i hang up
  7. I would say 3 min or less if a friend puts u on hold :P
    easy to get back in touch with her/him.
    but around 10 min or so if a company put u on hold etc.
    but if it's a realllllllly important call well :/ you might better wait a bit more I guess :S ..
  8. Ditto
  9. 3 or 4 minutes...if any longer, they should at least get back on the phone and let you know that they haven't forgotten about you, they are just still trying to get the info or whatever to help you:smile:
  10. ITA. I've been in Helpdesk management for years and years and the goal in places I've worked is to get the call in 2 minutes or less. 2 minutes is a LONG time if you are waiting on hold in this day and age.

    A few places now offer 'virtual hold' technology, where you key in a # for a callback after a certain amount of time on hold with no one answering yet. You are called back when it's your turn! Seriously, it works! The agent answering the phone knows no difference whether they are getting an automated outbound call or an incoming call. Whichever customer was 'next' in the queue is served.
  11. Believe it or not, it was the nail salon. Wish I could say this was an unusual situation, but alas, it's not.:sad:
  12. the longest i've ever had to wait was probably close to an hour; i was on the phone with Adelphia, my internet/cable service provider. and, like lamiastella, i switched to speakerphone, did my laundry and showered while waiting. it doesn't seem so bad if you have something to keep yourself occupied :lol:
  13. if it's a service call (one of those 1800 numbers).. then i'll put them on speaker phones like you gals, then do my things 'til they get to me. Doesn't matter how long they put me on hold cuz if i hang up and call back... what are the chances that i won't be on hold again....
    if my friends or family put me on hold... may be i'll wait for a minute or two...then hang up... :yes:
  14. I was put on hold for 1.5 hours by paypal before....
  15. it depends on who I'm talking to. If it's important.... maybe 5 minutes. If not, maybe 2! I'm impatient.