how long is an Hermes "spa" for my HAC

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  1. #1 Jan 23, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2009
    My precious chevre HAC needs some "work". She is from 2003 and came to me last year from Nancy @ Kaleidoplace. She needs a nip/tuck so to speak! Her corners show some wear/color loss and too much meltonian was applied where the cadena was hung and left a half moon under the lock looks whitish in the deep grain of the i got a nice long scratch on the bottom of the bag and there are a few rub marks with light color loss in the leather under the straps, and the hardware is pretty scratched...can anyone please tell me how long her vacation at the spa will last and what to expect for cost? I am sending her to H charlotte who will then send her to Claude or the Beverly Hills craftsman, depending on what she thinks needs to be done! Any advice would be appreciated! TIA!:heart: would you send her to the spa for the things mentioned above?
  2. Oh yeah DEFINITELY! It will take from 4 - 8 weeks, depending on the traffic... As for the cost... About $150? I have heard different pricing on it though...

    HTH!! :heart:
  3. Let me just add that if the US craftsmen look at the bag and decide it needs to go to Paris, that it can take up to a year.
  4. I think it is around $110 and will take a couple of months. Make sure you itemize everything you want done, so nothing gets overlooked.
  5. I've had two birkins go to BH, and it's taken 10-12 weeks for both, around $100 for each. I hope that helps :smile:
  6. I've had several bags go for spa treatment. The price has varied from $0 to $100. Time has varied from 4 weeks to 4 months.
  7. I had a Birkin sent to L.A. for clasp repair and a refurbish - estimate from SF H is $100 for spa, but it is only an estimate (the bag is in good shape, I only went with the spa because it was going there anyway). This was 11/13. Haven't heard anything yet.
  8. sorry, my internest has been down all day so i couldn't log back on till now! thank you so much those that responded, I am just a little nervous, not that she won't be beautiful again, but that i'll miss her and it could be an extended "vacation" KWIM??? i'll prepare for the worst and hope for the best as far as the time goes, my mom always says that! thanks! :smile:
  9. this is what i am afraid of, but if she needs it, she needs it! thanks for the dose of realty! i prefer to be prepared whatever happens! thank you!
  10. -Just got a phone call from H SF that my bag is there and ready for me...
    so, took ~ 12 weeks. And the spa was $100 USD
  11. thank you so much for the follow up chessmont, this is great news! i cannot wait to see the "re-reveal"! thank you again!:heart:
  12. I just had a bag returned that was sent to FSH and it took 5 months. :rolleyes: it was sent to repair a big scratch on the back and was cleaned and cost about $175..I just hope for your sake that your bag can be handled in the US. apparently, things going to paris fall into a black hole for a while. :nogood:
  13. Tell me about it.I know I'm being impatient but my bag was sent away to Paris for my initials to be imprinted,waited 6wks it came back & they accidentally put my initials in the wrong spot.Off it went again & I'm waiting now & 6wks after the fact its still not here but I just know once she's back she'll be just perfect.I'm sure this won't happen to you these silly things only happen to me.
  14. i did manage to put a rather large scratch in the bottom of the bag, deep enough that there is some color loss, plus the corners of lighter color chevre bags can get banged up pretty good, color loss on the corners i think if i send it now, my red bag is more my fall/ early winter /holiday bag, then i won't mind parting with her, even if it's six months. then i'll send my potiron bag in at the end of this summer so she'll be back next spring...i'll jsut send them in during the opposite of the wearing season....WDYT????
  15. BTW, bella, what scarf is that in your avatar??? i am an orange FREAK, i LOVE it!!!