How long have you had your Speedy???

  1. How long have you had your Speedy and does it still look good? Of course it does it is a Speedy!!!!
    I have had mine since March and I love it.......(30):love:
  2. I got my first speedy (mini lin ebene) about 6 months ago. About 3 months ago I got my 2nd speedy. This time I got the dune mini lin. They both look brand new.
  3. i bought my speedy in february of 2006
    it is the monogram canvas 35
    it is still looking gooood! i love love LOVE this bag!
  4. "she" is 1 year old now (bought it on 30 Sept 2006) i purposely bought it on 30th , my speedy 30 monogram

    well, she is still look good with honey patina handles, love it very much....
  5. i got mine may 5th last year and have used it almost everyday since. she still looks great and has perfect pattina, like caramel.
  6. I got my first one in March 2005 (mono 30) and it still looks good. It has a nice patina now.

    Got my second speedy (damier 30) last month. It still looks brand new even though it was pre-loved.
  7. Got my mono in aug '06, still looking good! Got my damier in nov '06 and she's fine and dandy! and then there's my new to me lavender epi that is a few years old and looks fab!
  8. I don't have one but all of you look great with yours....I don't know why i don't like it.Is there something wrong with me? :hrmm:
  9. I got mine last month and love it. It is very classic.
  10. I buy and sell so often that I can't remember when I got the 30 that I have now! Sad huh?
  11. I've had my mono speedy 25 since January 2004 and it still looks great. I don't use it much, but when I do, it reminds me of when I first bought it! It was my first LV--a wedding present to myself.
  12. I got mine about 2 months ago. Love it!!
  13. I got my black mc multicolor speedy when they first came out ... I believe '02 or '03 , and she's in excellent condition - light patina. My neo speedy denim was puchased when it was first realeased and my red epi speedy 25 I bought November '05 and both are in excellent condition as well. Love all of them.
  14. I've had mine for over a monthish.. and it's still in perfect condition of course!
    I keep my purses in great condition~

    I really baby my bags. xD
  15. I got my first Speedy, mono 25, last year. I got my Damier Speedy 30 2 months ago. I love them both!