How long have you had your LV???

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  1. How long have your oldest LV bags held up without getting gross on the handles? Well, I only own a Speedy 25 and have had it for 4 years and it is that perfect patina but I was just curious how long before it gets black and not so perfect. I think that I am falling in love with LV again and just need the reassurance before I start putting down that kind of money again. Recently, I have been crushing on Marc by Marc Jacobs.

    Thanks in advance....
  2. My oldest LV is a Saleya PM from two years ago -- needless to say it still looks like new.
  3. If any of my vachetta-trimmed bags ever got nasty (though I take good care of them I don't think they will get "black"), the handles can always be replaced by LV few a few hundred bucks.
  4. My oldest LV is my pochette from 2003. The vachetta is a nice brown. But because of loads of stains, I'm going to replace it with a new strap.
  5. my oldest is my azur speedy.. from a year ago, im starting to branch out into other designers.. im interested in MJ, miumiu, prada, BV, chanel.. but when i think about buying one of those bags i always think for a ___ bag at $xxxx, i could get a lv ____.. if only i could have it all : )
  6. mine is my white MC pochette accesoires, bought in 2003. so about 5 yrs now
  7. My Speedy 30, my first LV bought in Sep. 06. Almost 2 years old and looks like I just picked it up from the boutiqe last week, lol.
  8. I used to have a Deauville (2004 date code) but sold her to a friend earlier this year. She had a gorgeous honey patina. I still miss her! :crybaby:
  9. My Trevi PM... only a few weeks! But I plan to have her for at least 10 years since both hubby and I are students... so I'm on an LV ban now until I hav a bub. :smile:
  10. My oldest LV is a Mono Danube from three years ago. It still looks perfect! It doesn't get used all that much since it doesn't hold much (for me at least) but it still looks quite nice.
  11. My mono speedy is about 4yrs and my handles are still light but, I hardly ever carry the bag so that could be the reason why.
  12. i have had my speedy 30 for about 4 months and it is changing nicely and evenly, I suppose if it were to get nasty, it is just natures way of saying it's time for a new one!!
  13. My oldest LV is my alma purchased in 2005 and it still looks brand new. My second oldest is the speedy 30 also purchased in 2005 and she looks dirty on the handles.
  14. I have the Monogram Hudson model for two years-and used it all the time for the first year and in 6 months gold hardware(buckle for straps) got kind of peeled off-darkened (blackish) and on the strap where the buckle was-it got black I was disappointed :sad:

    but still love my Hudson
  15. I've had my mono speedy 25 for a little over 3 years, and it has a perfect honey patina on the handles. I love it!