How long have you been here?

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  1. This place has opened my life and I'm fortunate to have found it. I'm addicted and that's ok, it's 2 am and I should have been asleep at 10. :nuts: Please make me feel better and say I'm not the only one !!

    Seems late at night I have burning questions:

    How long have you been posting/part of tpf? I know it says it under the name thingy but WHY HOW did this come to be?

    Me, I am not into purses so I have no idea! (I like purses but I've had one, for about 5 years hahaha)
  2. Hey just want to say hi from a fellow Canadian member. I live in Durham and took a day trip out to Peterborough a few weeks ago :smile: Lovely city!

    Oh and your screen name reminded me of the lovely dutch bakery I visited along the way, yummy yum.
  3. I've been posting since 2008, but I lurked for a long time before actually registering, and I did so because I wanted to check out more info on a specific bag.
  4. I've been here since Feb 2007. Started posting here because I was looking for info on Coach bags. I still love my bags but barely post on the bag forums here anymore!
  5. I think I started posting at the end of 2007. I used to read everything but was not buying as much then!
  6. I've only been here since August, 2009 :true: ........and I admit it....I'm addicted! :nuts: I love it here, and I've made soooooo many friends :yahoo:
  7. I've been here about a year... found it through MaiTai's website... lurked around before joining... and lurked around months before posting. It's a fun place with lots of interesting people and ideas. Hope you continue to have hours of fun here dutch.dreams.
  8. I've been here since March 2009.
  9. Since Nov 2006

    I have met sooooo many great people here and become great friends in real life with a lot of people. I even got my dog from a fellow tpf'er
  10. Since November of 2006. I signed up right away, but I was a lurker and didn't really start posting until almost 2 1/2 years later.

    I do love it here though! There are so many wonderful people here and this place is always an insane source of information about almost everything.
  11. i registered in may 08, but didn't really start posting until last year.
  12. Peterborough is a nice city Dew Drops. It has a lot of everything, but not too big like Toronto.

    I just love how pretty much everyone here is nice and offers advice.

    Anyways, thanks for responding!
  13. It's been a year this month. I can't believe that much time has gone by already...soo fast. I am definitely glad I joined this forum. I love it here, everyone is so friendly. And I have learned lots! :]
  14. I think I've been here since that what under my avatar says? lol! I cant remember. But, I know I love it here, and even when I have no time to post, Im always lurking!
  15. I'm a recent joiner... I think I mainly joined because I was looking for a classic everyday black designer bag and ended up with a deep purple Versace that I found on sale. Now I'm using this site for ideas and I'm confusing myself even more and want bags, shoes, clothes...etc etc.

    I'm still determined to find my everyday black bag though!