How long have you been an Ebay member?

  1. I thought this might be long have you been an eBay member? I checked out my history and I go back to November '99. Yikes....7 years!!!!:graucho:
  2. Since July of '03... so a little over 3 years for me.
  3. Over 6 years.
  4. Almost 6 years! ;)
  5. It's listed as 10 months, but that's because I bought one item in 2003 and couldn't track down my username.
  6. Since May 2004
  7. Good question....lemme look it up...

    Wow, since May 2003...only about 3.5 years.
  8. Since Aug. 2004.
  9. I don't have an eBay account but I use BF's (which is undeniably true if you look at the history or purchases). He has his since 2000 I believe.
  10. 1998
  11. Dec. '01 for me, i think.
  12. It's been since 2001, but with my new selling account, since Feb 04.
  13. Member since July 2000. I think the first things I bought were either maternity clothes or baby clothes.
  14. Member since: Oct-04-01
  15. Mine says August 12, 1997 but I actually joined in January 1997.

    In August of that year, my email changed and they didn't have a way to change it on ebay! So they told me to get a new account and then they merged the two -- and my membership shows the later one as the start date. I talked to them on the phone and they were so excited they did a merge of accounts! LOL!

    It was soooo different way back then! I remember fighting for separate categories on many items, especially Beanie Babies. They were only listed under "collectibles" as a general category!