how long have you been a Balenciaga Fan

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  1. Hi,

    I am a newbie to the balenciag world and would like to know how long have you guys been a fan of balenciaga handbags? or when did you start collecting bbags?

  2. Been a fan since 2004 but didn't add them to my bag collection til 2005... finally got tired of the logo bag thing, I guess :rolleyes:
  3. loved the bags since 2004 or so....saw it in magazines on celebrities...and THEN realized it costs quite a bit of money haha...and finally took the plunge and ordered one a few days ago =P
  4. August 2006! I am an avid LV collector, and I can't even remember what it was, maybe seeing a celeb carrying them, and then a eBay search. But I knew I had to have a Bubblegum Pink City! It was my first and is still my favorite bag!!!!
  5. since 2004
  6. I just found an old post of mine from another board where I was obsessed with Ashlee Simpson's FAKE caramel First! The post was in 04 so that's when I officially started. I had seen them earlier but didn't get the fever until I saw it in caramel. Still, it was a looong time after that that I HAD to have one. What I'd give to go back to those days!
  7. Since Fall '05 when I got my first B-bag....a bordeaux City!
  8. Since 2005 but went for the Chloe Paddy instead. Got my first Bbag in Jan. 2007. Good thing I bought the Chloe or I'd be in serious debt by now. The Chloe certainly didn't cause an obsession like this.
  9. Since Fall/Winter 2005...I got the First in the dark olive color and instantly fell in love with the leather and all and have been a fan ever since!:love:
  10. I got interested in spring of 05 after obsessing over Nicole Richie's red city. At the time, I didn't spend over $500 for my bags, and none of the spring colors interested me. However, once I found out a red was being release that fall, I started saving like crazy. I ended up buying 5 bags that fall - and none of them ended up being a red city (had figured out the city just wan't right for me after all). I did get me a red day bag though!
  11. Fall 06, i still consider myself a newbie of sorts too, though it doesn't feel like it, hehe
  12. Bought my first First during August 2006 and the rest is they say is history!!
  13. 2004...but held out until 2005 to buy. I was such an LV girl that I felt guilty about cheating...
    I think 2004. When did we see Sienna et al. with their FBFs?
  14. ^^^ stylefly me too!
  15. 2004ish I think - I remember seeing all the celebs with their seafoam and lilac bags on the blogs and in the tabloids and thinking 'dayum!'. Then I saw NR with her AG city in 2005 and all bets were off!

    Must add that I didn't purchase my first bbag until last year - it took me that long to save the money for it.