How long has your LV wallet last?

  1. I am on the lookout for a new LV wallet. I want something durable and can last for years. I'm leaning towards the Pochette wallet (1st choice), zippy wallet (2nd choice), or PTI (3rd choice).

    Which wallet would you guys recommend for durability?
    Which wallet and how long has your LV wallet last on daily use?
  2. i have three wallets a damier card holder (could be a wallet) 2. Mono Bifold and an epi walett. But my mom has lots of wallets and the oldest one she has is 23 years old or someting like that.
  3. My boyfriends damier bifold lasted a year before it fell apart. Had to be sent in for repairs within the first 6 months. Needless to say, I was not very impressed. He now has a gucci leather bifold, which seems much more durable. I have a mono koala wallet - I had it for 6 months before the lining started peeling. I brought it back to LV and they gave me a new one, which I've had for about 4 months now - so far, so good - but my wallet just goes in my bag - nothing should happen to it. Mens wallets go in their pockets - which could be why my boyfriends fell apart? I don't know - I haven't had much luck with their wallets.
  4. I have had mine for approx 2 years.
  5. I've had my PTI for 6 years, I don't use it ALL the time but it still looks brand new...
  6. I had the mono snap bill and coin wallet for about 6 months and the edging started to peel. I took it back to the store and they said it was a defect. They were going to give me a new one, but I really did not like it anyway because the change always fell out. They let pick out something else and I got the MC white agenda that I use now as my wallet. Works and looks great.
  7. I had a monogram glace one and used that for almost 6 yrs, everyday. Still great. no peeling, no stitches falling off..
  8. My mom's Black Epi PTI is nearly 10 years old. She's not the original owner (Reichan*O, I think that's right, was) :smile: It's still in Very good condition!

  9. hmmm i havea mono pti and its from MI1912
    so that is nov of 92

    and it looks like new:yahoo:
  10. Well, I have 4 PTIs from various lines (mono, multicolore and vernis) and the Bronze Vernis Ludlow.
    I use my Fuchsia Vernis PTI daily and rarely ever change; I just switch it from bag to bag and have never had a problem with it, despite the fact that it's vernis. It's still perfect! I just wish it had more CC slots.
  11. I have 2 wallets in the DAmier and I have had them for 4 problems and execept for one of them having the glazing on the sides rough up a bit (which can be re-glazed for free), it looks new!:yes:
  12. I've had my Mono passport wallet for 6yrs now. It still looks good but I want something different.
  13. My husband has epi zippy organizer since christmas05. Still in perfect shape... and he's very hard on his stuff. He throws it on the floor of his truck all the time... I always scold him.

    just a little more info: My girlfriend has a Chanel wallet - when I complimented her on her new wallet recently, she told me it was 10 yrs old. PERFECT shape. Mind you - it was half the size of my husbands epi - and twice the price...
  14. Id say go with the pochette wallet(since its your first choice) then the PTI
  15. i'm currently using my mono french wallet and still look brand new after 3 years. my hubby taiga wallet ( the one with 9 cc slot, can't remember the name, sorry) lasted 9 years!!!