how long has vache liegee been used in Birkins?

  1. And, does anyone have an older vache liegee Birkin? I'd LOVE to know if a Birkin in this leather takes on a slouch, so that the profile becomes a pronounced triangle, over time - like box does.

    I know that a new box Kelly, for example, is like a nice compact rectangle from the side. But over time, its profile takes on that nice pointy triangle - it slopes in and does a little slouch.

    Does that happen with a 35 vache liegee Birkin? Does anyone know?

    (pls pm me if you'd rather not post - thnx in advance!)
  2. That is a new leather that was released mid last year. Its the most expensive and the most durable. I don't think your bag will slouch much, my paris bombay still has not soften.
  3. I think the vache liegee was introduced sometime in 2004. I got a kelly briefcase in gold vl stamped H (2004).
  4. I ordered my VL Birkin in July 2004. It does not seem to slouch, very durable leather.
  5. Can anyone post a good, clear pic of black vache liegee?