How long has the pen pocket existed?

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  1. I was putting my stuff into my new Phoebe the other day that has a lighter color lining than my others and that's when I saw it….a separate pen pocket!!! How long has this been going on? Such a great idea! Anyway, I felt like the most unobservant person on the planet for not knowing it was there this whole time. :roflmfao:
  2. I just looked through all my Madison bags from this past season and all my Phoebes have the pen pocket, as does my Sadie. The Madelines and Kelsey do not have it. None of my Legacy bags have it, so obviously this is a somewhat recent addition.
  3. Great- now I have to go check out my bags!!! Obviously you are NOT the most unobservant person in the world! You have company!
  4. I have a Lindsey from 2011 that has what I would presume is a space for a pen. Between the big slip pocket and the phone pocket is a skinny opening that a pen could slip into. Is that what you mean?
  5. Yes, exactly! That is what I am referring to. It is so handy now that I realize its existence!
  6. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392586149.324739.jpg
    Here it is in my bv phoebe
  7. Ha! Bought my Phoebe last night and never would've noticed it if you hadn't have pointed it out! I dig it. I've always been a little paranoid about pens laying on their side and leaking in my bags.
  8. If there is no pen pocket I always "clip" my pen inside the very end of the zip pocket. It stays pretty secure too and the zipper stays zipped. My pen isn't rolling around inking up my lining and is easily accessible.
  9. Ha, this is awesome! My Legacy Turnlock Tote has one, which is great since I use that bag for school!
  10. I've seen it in larger bags. My 2011 Erin doesn't have it. I remember seeing it in Carrie.
  11. PEN? GASP.... i do not allow pens near my coach. LOL
  12. Me either! Unless they are in their own pen case. On the bag I had that had it, I hated it because it made the other pockets smaller. I always put my card case in one of the pockets but it was too narrow. And the pen pocket is too skinny to hold a chapstick.
  13. Maybe since 05 or 06 at least. All my Poppy totes from back then had them.
  14. THat's very cool. I love when designer's put little extras like this in bags. Thanks for pointing this out; I will have to check my Coach's now. Along with the standard one zip two slip pockets, Bagdley Mischka has money clips inside the lining of their bags. Very handy for a few bills or receipts.

  15. No pens in my bags either unless they're in a separate wristlet, etc.