How long has the Chanel Medallion tote been made?

  1. When I asked earlier if the tote is classic, everyone said "yes". Now, I'm just curious just how "classic" it is. How many years has the style been in production?

  2. I don't know. . . bumping this up for you.
  3. I got my lite beige one Feb/Mar of 2004 so they've been around at least that long. I remember when the SA sent it to me she said it is one of the Chanel classic totes so that told me it had been around prior to 2004 as well (but I never asked how long).
  4. I was wondering about it too. Does anyone know when it first came out and what was the retail price back then?
  5. I am not sure but I will bump this up for you because I would like to know as well.
  6. anyone???
  7. So that means the Medallion Tote will always be there every season?
  8. Ooooh I know this is an older thread but I'd love to know as well!!!
  9. Yeah, I'd like to know too!

    Just bought my first Medallion, and really love all the room it has! I see why it's a classic!
  10. Hi,

    Can anyone tell me how long this bag has been around for?

    I really want to buy it but want assurance that it is a timeless piece due to it's price!!

    Many thanks! :smile:
  11. Medallion totes have been around for years, and it is a permanent collection.
  12. i want to know this too! hope it doesnt get discontiued.........
  13. Crazy, 3 years later and still no word?!?!?
  14. LOL. thats rightm its been 3 yrs!! I know its a classic bag and will never go out of style. I own it on black caviar and I just love it! Just got an offer to trade it for a silver reissue. Not sure on the trade though.
  15. Any ideas? I'm super curious