How long for tracking info to show up on

  1. Website posted a bag out to me yesterday (24 hours ago now) and the tracking number that was given is stating "there is no record of this item" and i have not experienced this happening before although i am sure that on the USPS site that it states "Why Are You Receiving This Message?
    1. Event information may not be available if your item was mailed recently. Please try again later."
    So how long a delay can there be between the posting of the item and the tracking information showing that and its progress on the site?
  2. As soon as they scan the package it will shown up, sometime anything shows up until
    it gets to my local PO.
  3. In my experience, it varies. I've seen it update almost immediately, and I've seen it not update until a couple of days after the package has actually arrived. Try again after the close of business today and you will probably see an update.

    Keep us posted!
  4. I've shipped USPS many times and it usually shows some info within 24hrs if nothing more than the date,time and location of the drop off.
    However I recently shipped a return to NM June 23rd,here it is 20 days later and still no update showing up on the USPS website tracking.The only way I knew my return was recieved and my account credited was because NM sent me an e-mail to let me know they received it safely.

    Hope you can get an update soon,it may not show up until you receive your item.
  5. Best thing to do is to copy and paste the tracking number and go directly to the usps site. Because many times I click the number on eBay and it doesn't update and always say to check back. But when I go to usps, the information is always updated.

    But- I haven't been able to get to the usps site all day long~ is anyone else having this problem?
  6. I have just checked and is still saying the same thing, the tracking number starts with "EM" - does this mean it has been sent via express mail?
  7. USPS tracking is so inconsistent. But you shouldn't worry too much. Hasn't been updated for 24 hour is nothing unusual. International tracking info takes sometimes longer than domestic to show up.

    I don't know much about specific codes for shipping method, but on USPS "Track & Confirm" page, if you click "?" icon right next to "Enter label/Receipt Number" you can see the sample numbers for each shipping method.
  8. USPS is very slow in updating their tracking. I had a bag delieverd yesterday morning before 10am and at 5pm it was still showing as not being delievered yet.
  9. Hey thanks for that gidramom, i can't seem to work it out as none of the examples begin with EM,
    Funny that the store didn't mention HOW they were shipping it, i have contacted them and hope for a response soon,
    I would just like to know a rough date of when to expect arrival as if i need to sign for it then i want to ensure to be at home :biggrin:
  10. I sent out 4 things yesterday morning and 3 were scanned and the fourth has not been scanned anywhere yet. Just the USPS norm...
  11. I've seen a bunch of weirdness with recent purchases. Items not scanned at point of pick up etc. I'd give it a couple of days.
  12. I am thinking EM means express mail. if it were just priority with tracking, it would be a long 20 digit number.
  13. Yeah, i recieved a reply from the assistant and she informs me that is being shipped via express mail international, STILL no info on the USPS website tho :sad:
  14. Mine still hasn't arrived yet as well. Also no information showing on track & confirm. So the seller had to send out another package to me. I know your item is not on eBay, but good luck!
  15. FINALLY showing up on tracking as just been dispatched from SC (Charleston?)
    So hopefully that means it is on it's way now, yay!