How long for patina?

  1. For some crazy reason, I find myself hesitating to wear my new Mono Speedy 30 because the handles are so glaringly white - screaming "Look at me - I just got a new LV!!!!" If I just leave it out (indoors), how long before it starts to develop a patina?
  2. That is hard to tell depending on where you are going to leave it near a window with lots of sunshine it should start turning very soon. You should just wear it proudly and enjoy the use of it and the patina will come soon enough.
  3. Thanks!
  4. I took mine to a tanning bed and tanned it lightly on a clean white towel (LOL!) It worked though!
  5. Wow! I would have never thought of that! :smile:
  6. It didn't take very long at all for me, I think a couple of months :smile: I liked the new look too, but now it's nice and golden.
  7. Really? wow what a awesome idea :yes: Just one session? 20 minutes?
  8. My moms speedy only took 4 months until a golden patina showed up....
  9. I actually taned it 4 times (30 minutes each) - at the base of the bed (while I was tanning) - by the third time is wasn't dark - but starting to acquire a patina - it was really pretty by the fourth. - Not quite to the golden level by any means - but not so stark white.
  10. aw just carry it!

    I love to see women carrying a brand new speedy that has virgin leather.

    BUT I do favor the golden/brown patina so i see why your trying to hurry up the patina process. What i recommend is just to carry it daily. I personally wouldnt tan it or put lotion on it. My cousin when she got her mono alma she put lotion all over it and now the leather is not shiny or glossy but has a dull brown look to it.

    Just carry it daily and soon it will start changing colors.
  11. My stuff seems to be taking forever! I've had the stuff for about ten months now. I keep my speedy in a dustbag and don't really use it *that* often, but my keepall is still quite light (apart from the one side where I tanned it, lol). I would love to speed the process, but I think I'll wait until the sun pops up again as I don't have acess to a tanning bed anyways.
  12. Mine is about a month old and I already see a difference. I use it everyday though. I know the feeling - it does *scream* "I HAVE A NEW LV!!" I don't care too much though. I sort of like it while it's virginal.
  13. I just really don't like the bright whiteness of a new bag and I would like it to have a little protective cover the patina offers as well!
  14. Just use it everyday and it won't be as "white" before you know it! When I got my azur speedy I used it everyday. Now it's just started to change.. a teensy bit! It's pretty :love:
  15. aw my bh is starting to turn a little and it's freaking me out. i loved the stark whiteness... not it's eh...