How long, for LV to order from Paris...???

  1. I called my LV botique and they said they had to order the item for me... They said it would be ordered from paris, instead of another store...and will take upto 6 weeks. Will I really have to wait that long? :confused1: I hope not...Have any of you had LV order stuff for you? If so how long did it take? Let me know! I want my item now and don't want to wait! ;) :yahoo: :sweatdrop:
  2. Congrats! I'm sure it will come with a shipment to your store would make sense to take 6 weeks. Plus you won't have to pay customs this way.
  3. "upto" does not necessarily mean exactly 6 weeks. Usually my SA gets new stock near the beginning of every week (either sunday or monday). However, for a specific item, usually my store gets 2-3 items every 2 weeks, depending on the sales. I'm assuming whatever you're ordering must be VERY high in demand, otherwise, the SA would usually make transfers and not directly from France. I have no experience with France, but I do know that if your item is VERY popular, it may indeed take more than a month (eg. Azur seems to have kept people waiting for a few months now....)

    so......... watcha ordering :graucho:????? lol
  4. ^^^ ITA. But i wouldn't be surprised if it took longer. I've heard stories of simples repairs taking months when they said it would take weeks. But finger xed hopefull not.

    It also depednds on which stores. Here is MNPLS it takes forever to get stuff.
  5. i think it's impossible to order from paris due to the custom
  6. ooo! what're you getting?
  7. My BF just finished his law degree, so I ordered him a Taiga document case and they SA said he would just order it from france, instead of another store. Plus, I ordered myself a few Azur pieces (which he doesn't know yet, but when he sees the bill I will tell him it was all his case!
  8. Congrats for ur BF's law degree! if bf is having a fuzz about ur Azur, let him know it's a gift to you for standing behind him these whole time:p
  9. Well, the OP did just say that the store ordered probably can't do it personally over the phone, but I'm sure if the store does it, it's possible. It's just getting new stock.

    I think the 6 weeks is just a guideline...I'm sure they don't want to promise you anything too early just in case it does take 6 weeks!