How long for box?

  1. Ugh. No box here, and word from my SA is there was hardly anything offered (and ordered) in boxcalf at the podium. It's my favourite leather - anyone heard news on boxcalf contrary to what I've been told? :crybaby:

    *crossing fingers*
  2. i have no clue! but box is the ultimate H leather. I hope it becomes available soon.
  3. My SA says the same thing "No Box available anywhere." :crybaby:
  4. They seem to reserving them for the smaller bags, like the Medor and smaller Kellys.
  5. awww, sus...I was afraid of that. I was hoping my Sa had told me the wrong thing, as they do, sometimes.
  6. I only want a 28 sellier....too big? I'm hoping to order one at the Feb Pod.
  7. ^^I think you should be able to get it, as long as you stick to a basic color like chocolate and black.
  8. We are receiving Box ordered at the Feb podium now ... And I have the same story as HG too. 32cm Sellier Kellys in Toundra and Adroise Box, especially.

    I have not even enquired about what was ordered at the July podium. In a way, I am a little afraid to know!
  9. ^ LOL.....

    OK, black - that's great. Thanks HG!
  10. Or Chocolate......sellier......28cm......?
  11. I prefer to wait until the 3rd date so that I don't seem to easy.
  12. Hey! That's what I always tell my DD!!!! No Box until after the 3'rd date!!!!
  13. ^^ But if your dd is anything like her mother, the box will be given away before the 1st date even begins.
  14. ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!

    Jesus........I'd better get out the Troika lined Hermes Barenia Chastity Belt, quick!!!!!
  15. I would love to have a Chocolate or Adroise Box! :girlsigh: