how long does your heel tips last?

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  1. I recently bought a pair of heels for work so I would wear them often. I don't walk far to and from work (about 10 min in total). HOwever after a month of wear , they have worn down to the metal tip and it does make me feel angry for them to wear out so quick...

    HOw long does ur heel tips last? ARe they made from better rubber?
  2. Depends on the brand or designer. My Choos seem to wear faster than my Louboutins however, one month is too fast IMO. I haven't seen wear like that since my Nine West or Steve Madden Days my youth.
  3. They are not designer shoes. Those were my custom made sized shoes. But still... Shouldn't wear out tat quick
  4. I have pairs that I go through that quickly if I wear them every day religiously. Good thing heel tips are so cheap and easy to replace on most shoes.
  5. My cobbler put special heels taps on my Louboutins that are made of Kevlar or something and I kid you not, I wear them at least 3 times a week and I haven't had to replace taps on them for almost two years.