How long does your Chanel high last for?

  1. I buy something Chanel and love it intensely, may not get a chance to wear it out but I have lots of fun playing with the new addition to my wardrobe for weeks on end...........that is.......until afew months later and I have come down from my Chanel high and on the prowl again.

    I seem to get something every 3/4 months (whenever I go through Heathrow mostly), jewellery or bags so far, how about you?
  2. I'm not really fickle or easliy tired that way. I carry each one pretty often and rarely buy a new one.
    I only buy what I KNOW I'll carry pretty regularly.
  3. ^^same here although my "high" lasts for awhile. I'd say about 4/5 months or so. I hope that's considered long!
  4. It usually lasts until I visit the Celebrities with Chanel or Chanel reference thread and see something else I want. :p
  5. Usually Price increase :yucky: or EGC/Triple point/sale is when i buy Chanel. But i always make sure, sometimes even a poll on tPF to determine the purchase before I step in store.
  6. I try to make well thought out purchases and when I do I find that I do not fall out of love with my purchases and enjoy them for years. When I was an impulse buyer I fell out of love with or regretted my purchases fairly quickly. Now that I shop more thoughtfully my high or love for my purchase can last for years and is sometimes reborn everytime I carry or wear that item! :yes:
  7. I'm still high off my PST I got on Easter of this year lol Everytime I look at it, I just fall in love all over again :p
  8. My highs are like roller coaster -- when I initially get the bag, I'm on a high. Then I put in the closet and my high fades ... but once I take it out or carry it -- oh boy!! A 'carry' high lasts so much longer than 'just purchased' high! Every time I feel or look at the bag, I get excited.
  9. I have on and off moments. I started collecting Chanel in June. From then until now, I've collected two pairs of costume jewelry earrings, two costume jewelry necklaces, one Camellia card holder, black baby cabas, luxe ligne tote, black patent jumbo, black caviar jumbo, white caviar jumbo, metallic wallet on chain, and white J12 38mm with diamond markers. I think I'm probably forgetting some things as well.

    I'm really done done done until spring though. I can't afford anything else until then LOL.

    I still love looking at all my Chanels. I basically don't even use my other bags anymore (Balenciaga, 2 LV, 2 Gucci, and some other non-high end designer bags). There's not a single day where I don't wear at least one of my Chanels. I also never leave the house without my J12 and Chanel earrings and/or necklace. IDK. I guess I'm just materialistic like that, but pretty Chanel things make me happy!
  10. Girl, you're preaching to the choir! :shame: I am the same way. Sometimes I can be very fickle, though I wish I wasn't like this. And it's worse when I buy a lot at the same time, like right before the last price increase, I bought a Cerf, a flap and the baby cabas almost all at the same time (plus tons of costume jewlery). You'd think I'd be satisfied for a while, but I'm not :sad:. I am constantly looking and waiting for the next thing. I am really trying to only buy classic pieces, pieces that I will have forever. But every now and then I fall off the wagon and want the newest cutest pair of Chanel earrings. I have been able to change the way I buy bags though, I really am only concentrating on classic pieces. But I do have a wandering eye, and I can't wait for that damned purple flap to be released :drool:, hey at least it a classic, right? :p:girlsigh:
  11. Same here :yes:
  12. ^^Me too. ITA.
  13. It varies - the original purchase or find or gift is amazing but since I rotate so much, I tend to forget what I have - every now and then I clean out the bag closet - you know restuff the bags and rearrange - and that is when I go nuts again!!

  14. I'm with chanelbaby. The only difference is that her highs lasts 3/4 months and my highs will last only 3/4 weeks. It's a bad, bad drug. :sad:
  15. I will be satisfied for about 2 months with my new purchase and then will probably try to find something else to add to my wardrobe. It will possibly be another 2 years that I'm going to be completely over with Chanel and switching myself to Hermes. That's what happened to Louis Vuitton.