How long does the thrill last?

  1. Hello there,

    So I have collected bags from several high end designers (or at least what I call high end), such as LV, Fendi, Gucci, and Marc Jacobs. I just got two MJ bags last month within a week or two of each other, and I'm already lovesick over Balenciaga. So, does anyone else have this problem, or do you find that the love lasts with Balenciaga? How long is your latest bag "enough" before you set your sights on another? I keep thinking that "one more" will be enough, and I know that my husband hopes so, too!

    Do you ever find the perfect (Bal) bag, and when you do, is it still your perfect bag months later?
  2. I always want more [but try to control myself and think about what I really need [will use] & what's "crazy" lol]... but the excitement lasts a looong time. I got my Vert D'eau about 4-5 months ago and I still gaze at her :love: All my bbags are perfect & each one gets used :yes: The only reason I set my sights on others is because I really wanted a fun one [Vert], a great neutral [Sandstone] and a dark/"replacemnet" for black [Ocean]... now that I've fullfilled all of those wants I'm hoping I'll remain satisfied for quite some time.
  3. I'm terrible. I just got a Purse a few days ago, and although I totally love her, and know I'll use her for a long time, I'm already looking at other bags :shame:
  4. Me too! Got two last week and I am dying for another. :graucho:
  5. Hey MandB,

    For me, I literally lost ALL love for all bags other than bbags. Like you, I had/have LV, Chanel, Chloe, Gucci, Prada -- etc. The ones I still have I do not want to use, lol!
    Seriously, I have never ever had that happen to me with another designer and I think I will feel that way for a long time. I think I will always want more of them, but I think most people who like nice bags always want more, eh?
    I can be having a frustrating day with colleagues and I think to myself during rehearsal "I have my AG Twiggy today, yippee." Aaaacckk, I know that sounds nuts, but it makes me happy. That NEVER happened with LV or others for me.

    So yes, I am more satisfied with a perfect bbag for me for a longer period of time, but as I buy more, I am still happy to rotate them frequently and love them all. An added bonus for bbags is that they hold their value so well that if your feelings change, you can sell easily. HTH!
  6. When I have picked out just the right bag, the thrill lasts a LONG time! I know that if it's a short-lived affair, I probably shouldn't have bought the bag...

  7. SO well said in such a concise way! I think that is why I take FOREVER making choices so I know I truly love and will use what I buy! :tup:
  8. my thrills usually last about 1-2 months. then they sit in the closest for another 1-2 months. when i eventually bring them out again, I either fall in love again or send it to the auction block if i don't feel the love anymore.
  9. I kinda think that handbags r created to go wif the current trend of the season like icing on the cake.
    So when the season changes, it's time to switch to the next trend and buy another bag.

    My WORK comes wif a more 'justified' price tag since it's a sale item.
    I totes it around for like a month or so and then it sits in my closet.
    I know I will be using it again when the 'biker chick' look returns.
  10. the thrill usually lasts a couple of weeks, but i find that the thrill comes back as soon as i notice someone admiring any of my bags!
    i havent used my white first for about a year, and i used it on saturday at a wedding i attended, i got so many admiring glances that i fell in love with it all over again!
  11. I still get a thrill every time I open up a dustbag whether it's a new or old bag. I adore each and every one.

    However, I always want more.......bal makes so many beautiful colors and styles that keep you coming back.
  12. You said it so well girlie.:tup: Me too.:yes:
  13. The thrill of the chase is amazing. Then comes the waiting period for it to arrive which is awesome as well. The opening is fantastic and the first month is pure bliss. After that it's deep contentment (not thrill, since thrill is such a strong emotion) assuming that the bag is perfect for you. Right now I'm experiencing a deep contentment and appreciation for my Black & Aqua City. I'm still in the throes of thrills over my RVIF.

    Where you have to worry is when you don't feel that immediate thrill when you open the Balenciaga box. If you have to convince yourself you love it or you feel a dull appreciation of "Oh, it's nice" instead of "OH MY GOD"...then you know it's a passing fancy.
  14. Well, for me, the love has been lasting for the past 5 years....continuously.

    I've never lost my love throughout the years even though I almost carry Balenciaga exclusively and I buy Bbags exclusively. I plan my purchases carefully and I space them out, though. So when I get them, I'm head over heels in love with them:love:

    That being said, the thrill lasts for a while for me. Since I'm totally in love with my new bag before I purchase them, finally having the baby in my hands makes me really happy:tender:

    "the perfect bag" concept doesn't work for me. My HGs change quite constantly, and all of my bags are perfect in my book:heart:...I love them all equally. I don't think I'll ever be content with what I have, though.
    I just keep wanting more:p
  15. hehehe for me the thrill has JUST started! and I really dont see it going away anytime soon! my first Bbag which is a Griege twiggy, I still LOVE it! and I got it in Feb/Mar if I remember properly! I can definitely see why there are so many Bal nuts on here! :p (no offence! and in a good way of course girls!)