How long does the sale last?

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  1. Hi. The winter sale lasted for like a month so I'm curious about how long the summer sale will last? I bought something already but I'm out of the country until 4th of July so I was wondering if the sale will still be on then cuz I wanna buy The Britain Watch but I need to inspect it more carefully? Thanks!
  2. You can order the watch and have it ship to your local Burberry store for pick up. You can inspect the product while picking it up.
  3. I have the Britain automatic 43 mm with stainless steel strap and I have to say that you will not be disappointed, especially with the current sale price. It's a remarkable watch and it's a shame that Burberry has decided to end its licensing agreement with Fossil, which is why every single Burberry watch will be discontinued. When the Britain came out, I thought that Burberry smoked the competition ( Gucci) with a watch at a similar price point but with far better features and design.

    Christopher Bailey got the circle-square shape and other watch proportions right-on in comparison to other similar-shape watches like the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and Patek Philippe Nautilus (which I believe have straps that are far too wide for the case). Of course, the latter watches are much more valuable, but the Burberry won't break the bank if you want a watch in this shape, especially when is on sale.

    I normally only like round watches, but the Britain caught my attention.
  4. Oh they're not going to make watches anymore?
  5. It appears so at the moment:$100-$200M+Burberry+Brand+-+Piper+Jaffray/11219474.html

    Burberry may make watches in the future with a different license agreement, or make them in-house, or not make them at all. Burberry is in the midst of a restructuring movement and are trimming down some of its products, and watches were one of the things to go.
  6. That's too bad :sad:
    I have 2 burberry watches and I love them.
  7. That is too bad. Maybe their watches were underperforming (?), but to get rid of the entire collection and not have watches at all? That seems a bit extreme. Even Ferragamo and Versace have ventured into watch-making, and I'm sure that Burberry watches are more successful than either of those.

    I don't actually have the sales figures to compare the brands so I'm purely speculating, but Burberry watches are offered at far more locations than the VerTime (Timex Group) Ferragamo and Versace watches.
  8. I bought it last week and had it shipped to my friend. I'll have him inspect it as I'm out of the country until July 4th.
  9. I did get the Burberry Dual Time Limited Edition One that went from $3995 to $1995. I like it a lot n i think i'll like it when i see it in person too. Its sad to hear about Burberry's watches but I see some watches that are still selling full price. Will they discontinue them as well?
  10. This will be my third burberry watch n my first automatic watch from burberry but i like that the britain i got is COSC certified and etc... I quite like ferragamo n versace watches too so if Burberry does indeed discontinue, I might have to venture to those brands.
  11. In the Canada Burberry website, ALL of the watches have gone on sale, and now the regular rice section has no watches left. The quartz ones at a lower price point sold the fastest.

    Perhaps it's different in other countries, but the licensing deal will definitely end by 2017 so there will be no more Fossil-made Burberry watches. I don't know if this means they will stop making watches all-together, or if they will seek a new license deal with a different company (highly unlikely), or if they will manufacture "in-house" (also unlikely, since Burberry would have to invest heavily into a production facility in Switzerland and/or buy a significant number of shares of an existing watch-making company), as no corporate announcement has been made about this.

    You chose a great watch. I'm waiting to get the Trench alligator power reserve Britain at a store because the alligator-strap Britains cannot be shipped to Canada via Burberry's website.
  12. Oh! Did you happen to get the limited edition one with trench gold and automatic chronograph? That is one of my favourites!

    Unless you were referring to your Dual Time which is COSC certified.
  13. Oh my apologies. I just checked the website and all the watches are on sale. There is however a Watches and Cufflinks section under accessories under normal items but only cufflinks and no watches. Massachusetts doesn't have that rule so I was like thank god.:biggrin: I hope they pair with a higher end watch maker n produce automatic watches.
  14. I got the dual time. The manual skeleton one that is $8750 from $17500 is so pretty but i just bought a breitling navitimer in january and I'm eyeing a cartier watch so I wasn't planning on splurging that much on a Burberry watch. Here's a link for reference.

    And its interesting how the sale hasn't started for the UK online store?!
  15. Nice! Sorry I thought that one of the Burberry watches that you already had was the COSC chronograph with Trench gold.

    The manual skeleton one is nice but waaaaaay overpriced for what it is. It has a modified ETA movement without much real skeletonization (even the date wheel has not been skeletonized, unlike on the new Tag Heuers and Hublots). The DLC coating is not that expensive to produce, either, and I would prefer ceramic. It's not even worth the discounted price! It should ideally be priced around $5000 USD at full price, which would make it much more attractive to buy on discount. Considering that only 20 were made and they are still available, the watch hasn't sold well at all.

    And it is strange that the UK site doesn't have these watches on sale.
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