how long does the sa could hold a bag for u?

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  1. i've called the Sa boutique in France and found out that they got my bag that im dying to get hold for it for ages!!! whoppieeee

    The thing is, i will be arrived in France next week and the Sa that i've spoken with said that she couldnt hold a bag for longer than 2 days!!! She said she have enough and i should not worry about it!?!

    But i am!!! i am very worried. i ve been looking for this bag for so long and i cant let my only opportunity to be vanished . is it possible to ask her to hold a bag for me jus for 1 week? if, so what should i do?

    Galssss please enlightened me !!! thanksss
  2.'s the white jumbo caviar right? I hope you get it!! :smile:
  3. Hi Fabpenne, I've been told by another SA in Asia that its 3 days inclusive of that day that you decided to hold the bag. Hope you get your bag!
  4. Can you pay for it and then pick it up? You can always return it if it's within the return period.
  5. What is the returns policy for Chanel? Is it the same for all countries?
  6. how could I pay for the bag? by credit card?
    If so, then can i still get the tax refund when i pick it up at the boutique upon my arrival?
  7. I've had SA's hold bags for me for up to a week, but they know me well. If I were you, I'd ask to pay for the bag now by credit card, they can then hold it till you get there.
  8. Yep, i agree it depends on the SA. But since they are unfamiliar with you, offering to pay for the bag first would show them that you are serious about the bag. I'm sure you can file the paperwork when you are there?
  9. Right, as others have said if you pay by credit card then there should be no problem with holding it since it is yours.
  10. If I dont pay, ONE DAY only. And they always act like there are 20 people waiting for it and its the last one in the world. LOL.
  11. Tell the SA that you want to pay for the bag in advance and she may offer to hold the bag for you until you get there if they won't take the money. I bought a bag from Chanel UK by paying for it over the phone and the SA held it 2 weeks for me until I could pick it up in person.
  12. Pay over the phone?? Wow!! can i do that? :wtf: and will it be secured? If, so then i might call them today to make a purchase :smile: :lol:
  13. yeap. they might need you to sign some authorization form though. you'll need to have them fax it to you....
  14. Usually, SAs who don't know me well offer to hold a bag for 1 day. The ones who know me well have offered to hold a bag for up to 3 days only, unfortunately.
  15. I usually pay in advance over the phone and once I see it IRL, I get the opportunity for a refund if I don't like it.