How Long does shipping take from Outlet to you?

  1. Hi there.. I am dying waiting for my bags to arrive but I have no clue how long it takes... I ordered from Seattle and also SH . How long does it take for you to receive your bags? Thanks ladies...;)
  2. DId they give you a UPS tracking code? It'll tell you the estimated arrival date. I'm from Seattle too and my bag is arriving today (I ordered on Thursday).
  3. Nope they didnt...
  4. just call them up and ask for the UPS tracking number. i always call the day after i order to find out the number to track the package.
  5. Oh thanks!:woohoo:
  6. Shipping from SH to Hawaii took about 7 or 8 days, not the "3-4 days" they told me... It was a long wait. *lol*
  7. Shipping from Southampton takes around 6-7 days to southern CA and Seattle takes maybe 3-4 days I think. I would assume Woodbury is about the same as SH since it's also coming from the east coast.
  8. i live in the bay area, CA and my last package from SH took 6 days (stupid UPS ground) even though we're paying for a 3-5 day delivery. do you know if UPS works/ships on saturdays like USPS?
  9. momo.chan: UPS should still deliver on saturdays.

    i've only ordered from SH and since i'm in NY, it takes about a day or two to get to me.
  10. UPS does not deliver on Sat, unless Sat delivery was paid for. It costs extra. NY to MN is about 4-5 days.

  11. does it really cost extra? i don't think i've ever had to pay extra and i know the ups guy has delivered things to me on a sat. :confused1:
  12. Yup it does. Its one of the reasons I hate UPS ground. Seems to take forever and they typically dont deliver on Saturdays. I dont think its available for ground though, only like 3 day air or whatever other services they offer.
  13. ^^ so that's prolly it. i think those were the overnight, 2 day air, etc. ok. yeah bc i've wondered why sometimes they deliver and other times they don't.

    but ups is def waaaay better for me than usps though. i've had packages that were at the po and the mailman never let me know, or i don't get the package at all.
  14. I hate UPS to be honest.. Always I get it late.. Like around 7pm... And I always get the mail USPS in the morning.. I do love FedEx because they come in the morning too.. Also I cant hide the package from my hubby because by 6pm he's always home.. And the guy that works in UPS in my area just always leaves the package at the door and SOMETIMES he knocks or sometimes he just leaves it there. I just want to :bagslap: when he does that... hehe..
  15. Lindsey emailed my tracking number to me after we spoke on the phone. I didn't have to even ask!