How long does shipping take from Germany to the US?

  1. Hello everyone!

    My seller told me that she shipped the package out on 11/29, and she said her post office said it would take 3-5 days to get to the US if I live in a "big city", which I do (LA). It's been about 6 days and it's not here yet. I thought her estimated 3-5 days was kinda short coming from Germany to the US, some domestic packages take even longer than that!

    Does anyone know about how long it takes to get here? I really like the item (it's the Lanvin H&M necklace I'm dying for) and I can't wait any longer! If it'll only take a few days more, then I can sit tight. If it'll take a few weeks then I'm going to get another one :graucho:
  2. It depends on how she shipped it. If she shipped it through whatever the German equivalent of Express Mail is, her estimate is probably right, but won't include weekends or time in customs. If she sent it the equivalent of parcel or first class it could take anywhere from 2-6 weeks.
  3. Thanks! She only said it shipped via German Post, does that tell you anything?
  4. Its only been 6 days during the busy holiday season, I would give it a little more time. If you buy another one are you going to return the one from germany? Thats not really fair to your seller. When making purchases from other countries I always take into account that there will be a longer shipping time. You could email your seller and ask her to check her postal website for the aprox delivery time for the method of shipping she used.
  5. ^ Oh no, of course not. I would keep both of course!
    She told me 3-5 days.
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    3-5 days means 3-5 business days. Since she only posted last Monday, you are only at 4 right now.

    Also, you are coming up against two issues which are new (1) holiday season, as has been mentioned and (2) the new controls against packages flying to the US.

    For what it's worth, I have had items that I sent from the UK to the US to arrive within the week. You should get the package this week.
  7. And I've shipped items to Canada (priority mail) and it has taken over 3 weeks.
  8. Hi there, did she give you any kind of tracking number? If yes, what did this look like?

    I'm located in Germany and shipping has been very slow lately. I shipped an item via German Post International Signed-For Express on the 20th of November and it arrived on the 2nd of December in California. Usually that service takes 4-7 days depending on where in the US it's going but right now it's really slow due to christmas and the recent terror attacks. It goes both ways, btw. My boyfriend's brother is waiting for a package that was sent from the US almost 4 weeks ago.
  9. ^^I agree, I recently sent something to the US and they said it would take longer because of increased security measures in the states, because of the terrorist alarm.
  10. This is reassuring. I'm waiting on a package from Germany that was shipped on 22 Nov and it hasn't even arrived in the country yet...
  11. 3-5 days ?!?!no way...2 weeks !
  12. This is one of the official announcements on UK eBay -

    ***Postal delays to US expected due to stricter screening of packages ***

    26 November, 2010 | 09:56AM GMT

    Following a recent incident with an improvised explosive device on a US bound aircraft, all packages to the US will be subject to stricter screening by US authorities. This could lead to delays in your items being delivered to customers in the US.

    If you sell to the US, you should:

    * Amend your listing description to point out that delivery may be delayed for the above reason
    * When a sale is made, manage your customer’s expectations by reminding them about why delivery may be delayed
    * Contact your delivery company (eg Royal Mail service) to obtain up-to-date information on delivery services to the US

    The eBay Team

    I would imagine the same would apply to parcels coming from other countries too. Add to that the fact that it's a holiday season and 3-5 days would seem anywhere from extremely optimistic to plain unrealistic.
  13. Thank you for that Loony! I purchased something from the UK on the 22nd, it still hasn't arrived yet, AND eBay pulled the listing, so that is kind of reassuring to read.