How Long Does Paypal Take to Review a Case?

  1. I recently sold an authentic Balenciaga on eBay. The only form of payment I will accept is Paypal, and have only had good experiences (both as a buyer and as a seller) using Paypal. I told my buyer I would ship as soon as I received her payment. Well, whether she intended to or not, her Paypal payment to me went through as an e-check. Paypal advises sellers not to ship in those cases until the e-check clears, so I told my buyer that, although I felt bad about it, I would have to wait until her e-check cleared, and then I would ship immediately.

    Feeling very frustrated with having to wait, she was able to contact Paypal the next day to cancel the initial e-check payment. She also did an instant transfer of the purchase price through Paypal. Initially this second payment showed up as "cleared" in my Paypal account. I emailed her that all was okay and that I would be shipping the following day. However, within just a few moments of me emailing her to tell her that, I received an email from Paypal informing me that the second payment was on "hold." I responsed to the email I received from Paypal immediately and described the situation as clearly as I could, but I haven't heard anything back from them yet. (I even emailed them yesterday to inquire about the situation again, but no response yet. I guess they don't work on weekends!)

    Understandably, my buyer is now feeling very frustrated and emailed me that she never would have purchased the bag from me in the first place if she knew there would be such problems.

    I REALLY don't want to lose this sale, and I understand her frustration, as she was thinking she would have the bag in her hands within a few days. My trouble is, I don't know what Paypal is going to do, and I don't know when, and I don't feel comfortable shipping out a bag that sold for over $900 when I have no funds for it. While this is under investigation, I have no funds in my account from her.

    Advice? THANKS!!!
  2. Hi. Did you or the bidder call paypal. They can be pretty helpful with basic stuff like this over the phone. They probably have a hold on the account, believing the transactions are fraudulent.
  3. Whatever you do, do not feel pressured into sending her the bag. Maybe she is a legitimate buyer, however if she isn't then it will be an expensive mistake.
    I completely agree with noshoepolish, tell your buyer to contact paypal herself, she will also be able to see from her paypal account that the funds are pending/being investigated.
    Is she in the US & is the buyer's name and payment received from name the same?
  4. I had once my account limited and really, it just takes unitl they have received whatever information they want.

    sorry, i fail to see why the BUYER is upset - it is from their end that there is a problem. it really is their job to sort it out, and if anything they should be apologetic to you, rather than the other way round....

    she should really call the resolution centre and sort it out...
  5. Thanks all. If I get a chance later today, I will give Paypal a call. The good news is that her emails and addresses, etc. are all U.S. and match up. (No insult meant to anyone outside the U.S., believe me!, its just one thing less to fret over.) And while I don't want to place blame, you're right, lara0112, the "glitches" we're encountering now are the result of all of her maneuverings, not mine. Oh well.
  6. Grrr... now she informs me that her Paypal account has been frozen due to the actions of her roommate, who is currently out of the country. She is trying to contact him, and hopefully he will call Paypal on her behalf so that the funds will be unfrozen and I can get paid. She seems sweet and honest, but I am certainly not shipping anything until the funds clear. What a headache.:sad:
  7. Whatever you do, do NOT send that bag! And only ship it once those funds have been transferred by you into your own personal bank account. Never, never let money sit in your PayPal account.
  8. I agree with the other ladies. Do NOT send her the bag until you have the funds fully into your bank account. Paypal has some funny little glitches and you want to be absolutely sure that the money is yours before the bag leaves your hands.

    Besides, I can understand the buyer being frustrated, but HELLO? - it was her fault (or roomie's fault) that there was a problem to begin with.