How long does Paypal take to resolve a claim with issues on authenticity?

  1. Hi all,

    I was recently sold a fake Dior Gaucho Saddle bag and have lodged a dispute and escalated it to a claim with paypal and have reported to FBI, mail fraud and any fraud center you can think of short of going to the police . It was for 470 US dollars. I launched the complaint since March 11 and I was wondering if anyone has had experience on how long and how does paypal resolve authenticity claims? they have not asked me to bring the bag for authentication.

    I tried resolving with the seller over the phone who refuses to admit the bag is fake and realised if I ship the bag to the seller while the dispute is open and if Paypal awards the claim to the seller, I'm screwed in that I don't have the bag to hold as claim and the seller could default on our agreement and not refund me the money.

    Any advice? I'm now just waiting on Paypal because of the risk I have to take if I just ship it back to the seller and resolve it in private.