How Long Does MAC Lipgloss Last?

Hello all!

I found a MAC Lipgloss the other day that I got years ago. It had been in a drawer so the liquid inside the tube separated after sitting there for so long, untouched. I was able to mix it all back up using the applicator stick and it looks normal again. The color looks just the same as the day I got it.

I was wondering how long do these lipglosses last before they go bad or shouldn't be used anymore.

I was told that the general rule is to throw it away if it smells like medicine... well this one smells like plastic. LOL! It looks normal but doesn't have that yummy smell that MAC lipglosses tend to have.

What do you guys think?


Jun 18, 2007
I think that most people will probably say "Ewww gross! Throw it out!," but I'll admit that as long as things look/ taste/ smell normal, I keep them and keep using them... I keep my makeup sanitary and out of sunlight and heat, and I NEVER share it, so I've never gotten an infection or anything like that :shrugs:
Mar 16, 2008
Well I was told that mascara needs to be thrown out 3 months after being used due to bacteria buildup. I'm guessing that would be the same with lipgloss.

Although I doubt anyone follows that rule.
May 12, 2006
Chicago Burbs
I bought a tube of MAC chai (I think thats what it is called...or something close to that) at some store at the Aurora IL Premium Outlets that had a bunch of over stock make up from a bunch of different brands. My tube of gloss from there has a funky smell as well. They told me that the makeup they get is just over stock, but now I wonder if it is old:s


Nov 16, 2007
portland, or
3-6 mths for frequently used gloss tubes, 1 yr for sparingly used tubes, and up to 2 yrs for unopened tubes. It's the bacteria on the applicator which goes into the gloss that's causing the rancid smell. Glosses that have external applicators tend to last a little longer cos they don't ferment as quickly.


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Nov 7, 2006
Cajun Country
Collect your six empties, when you have enough take it back to the MAC counter or store. You can get a free lipstick (except Viva line); in the MAC stores, I think you can choose between lipstick or eyeshadow.
There is more info on the MAC website.


Aug 27, 2007
I use mine up pretty quickly but I've got some ones that I haven't used for about 2 years and there pretty gross now they just dont look the same. I'd definatly throw it away and get a new one.


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Aug 14, 2006
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If it smells bad, I wouldn't use it. Just put it in your Back to Mac stash; 6 empties and you get a free lipstick!
oh yeah I forgot about the program..lissi forget what I said abpout throwing it out get rid of the contents and keep the empty tube..