How long does LV keep track of our purchases

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  1. Hello
    You know that when you purchase LV at a boutique, you fill out those little cards with name address, purchase date and model number? How long is this info stored in their system? I have heard different things, so if anyone knows this, it would be good to know. Thanks.
  2. Hmmm...good q, I don't know the real answer, but my guess would be for MANY MANY MANY years....because everything is computerized, and storing a few KB of info per customer is not that much of a big deal when most (i'm assuming) customers only buy 1 bag every few years. Even so, after every 5 years or something they store all this on some kinda memory stick or CD and POOF, the computer's all fast and powerful again! :biggrin:
  3. Don't know but I know for sure it seems the data from other state store doesn't sync.
  4. Hmmm...5th Avenue found me in the computer. Customer service at Louis Vuitton 800 number knew exactly who I was. I know...caller ID thing, but somehow they knew? Someone once told me that it was good for a year and a half. Someone else said 'forever and ever." That's what made me wonder.
  5. That's what upsets me, goodness as much money as they have it wouldn't cost them anything to set up a worldwide network. GEEZ!!!! Just for customer tracking.
  6. I've bought LV in MO and VA and both places had all the data the last time I was there (they always seem to be surprised about the other, prob because the two places are not near each other LOL).
  7. if you ask to have your card on file, you should be right for them to hold onto your name for years to come lol
  8. That's what I thought..

    It's annoyed me when I have to fill in that card..I hate to hear when SA said "Oh we don't have you in here" I feel like a newbie in that store.. I just moved from other state and I assumed LV store has one network system..:rant:
  9. HAHA what's so funny is that my boyfriend used to be in charge of networking for a company here in Tx. He was responsible for setting up the network between the head office here, the office in China and one in Japan, unfortunately he didn't get to travel, but he logged ALOT of phone hours, anyhow it was a small company and it only cost them 15K.

    If LV had a few servers just for customer info it wouldn't be that much considering their profit.

    When he bought his wallet and my cc holder he was a little miffed bc they couldn't find my name and I had just bought my PH, finally they did but he said "My goodness, I should write Mr. Vuitton and tell him I'll set up the network for him!" HAHAHAHA!!!!! What a computer geek.
  10. They know everything, that's how they can track the re-sellers. they have an entire department which is in charge of that. All this can explain why some buyer become banned. They also use these informations for market research. In Paris for example you need to fill up the form before they tell you if an item is available or not. This way they can refuse to sell in a polite way.
  11. Miroir, please explain what you mean.
  12. My experience is this: If I shop at an LV store anywhere in the US, I am in the computer system. I have never filled out a card at an LV store - they use the computer. If I shop at an LV leased space in a department store, they do not have the computer system and i've had to fill out the card.

    ETA: Eluxury purchased are not shown on LV's system. Also, info is kept for many YEARS!!!
  13. Greetings!
    You know the card, your not obligated to fill it out! The only purpose really that I would use it for -

    (#1) I can't understand the person's english.

    (#2) If the associate is too lazy (seriously, if were lazy) we rather have you fill out this card to get the correct information....versus not understanding you the first time, then having you repeat your info again and again.

    I work at LV- Neiman's, and what most of you are not aware is that we have 2 registers we need to use. So, the 1st one is the Neiman's register... then, we take that information and you go into our LV system... which your sale will go to your history with us (which is the very same system that our flag ship store Rodeo Drive uses.)

    Its a little hard for us LV- lease dept, and that goes for LV-Sux Fifth, LV-Bloomingdales, LV-Macey's, etc etc.

    If your name doesn't appear in our system, (oh well) maybe they spelt your name wrong. For the most part your name should come up in our system - if it doesn't... we refer to 866-Vuitton cause they have another data base they use and its much quicker....

    (OH FYI, 866-Vuitton staff are not employed by LV... they're a 3rd party company and are based up North in Cali.)

    If your asked to fill out a card, just do it... but for most part I won't cause it just delays the whole process...and yeah... once your in our system, your in their for life. If you don't want to fill out the card, your not obligated to do it either... just be sure to speak clearly when your giving information. (Its very frustrating for us if we cannot understand you - and were not always going to know how to spell every street address... GAWD knows how many times I've gotten some funky spelling of something...and I'm having the customer speak to me like I'm retarded or something... its like HI, I speak english too...)

    I will say because I work at LV-Neiman's.. I have yet to see customers with EXTENSIVE history versus a boutique store, like my neighboring store South Coast Plaza... but I have helped customers inquire about their history and for the most part its been accurate - and even to their very first bag.

    I hope this info was helpful!


  14. Dude, you rock.