how long does it usually take you for your credit card to be charged?

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  1. i ordered a cerises pouchette from the LV distribution center on is wednesday and the transaction still hasn't posted on my account. i called yesterday, but they couldn't tell me one way or the other if it had been shipped or even charged. what's been your experience? this is making me want to stick to boutiques from now on. :smile:
  2. when i ordered from them, i contacted them the next day to make sure my order went through. they were able to tell me on the phone that my card had been charged and my order was fine. the actual charge probably showed up 3-4 days later.

    you might want to ask them which boutique they placed the order with...and then actually call that boutique yourself if you want to find out for sure.
  3. i just tried calling again...i'm probably getting annoying but i'm excited and just want it to be here. :smile: they haven't tried to run my card again since monday (there was an address error on monday morning). *sigh* i was really hoping to have it by the weekend. oh well.
  4. That stinks...I know what it's like to anticipate something sooo badly and then of course, there's a prob and it gets delayed even longer. Just know in due time, it will be in ur hands sooner than later hopefully.
  5. that's crazy, because when i ordered my inclusion bracelet via 866-VUITTON, my card was charged i think that same day, but I know that it was charged the day after.

    as fard as shipping goes, i didn't call for shipping info, but it took 3 days, and I was told 5-7, so no complaints there, of course.

    definitely find out where it was ordered from and call the boutique if you have questions,
  6. yeah...i've *never* had anything take this long to charge. most companies want that money asap. the rep on the phone said it should go through today and as long as they don't call me back assume everything went fine, but i'm bad at assuming things. :\

    thanks for all your replies ladies. will definately be sticking to the boutique...heck, if it wasn't a cerises piece i would have gone to a boutique anyway. i'm very instant gradification and for that kind of money i want it in my hands. :smile: