How long does it usually take to get a replacement part from France

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  1. #1 Oct 13, 2018
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    So, I bought the Time Trunk Speedy and was very happy with it. I put it away for a few days and when I took it down to wear it, I noticed something peculiar: the color of the clochette did not match the rest of the bag. I contacted my CA about it, and she admitted that the clochette had been missing from the bag, and that the store had simply put a new one on before shipping it to me. Because the TT vachetta has that pre-aged look to it, the new clochette does not match the bag. I told her I wasn't happy with the way it looked, she had ops look into it, and she told me they were able to order the TT clochette as a replacement part and that it would take about a week to arrive. After a week, I hadn't heard anything and followed up with her. She said they didn't have it. I asked if it had been shipped and she told me that ops had said it had been shipped. So...two additional weeks later and there's been no word. I'm wondering if anyone has ordered replacement parts before and how long the order took to be fulfilled for them? Due to the fact that the original estimate was a week, I am sort of concerned, although if it's more that the part is made to order I could see it taking much longer... If anyone can help me out I'd be grateful. Thanks! Oh, and here are pics of my current clochette against the bag. Maybe I'm making too big of a deal of it, but I don't think it's unreasonable to want all of the correct parts to come with my new bag purchase??

  2. I think try contacting your SA again to follow up on the replacement part.

    I don't think you're being unreasonable for wanting all the parts match on your brand new bag. The clochette is definitely lighter than the tanned vachetta on your bag.

    Perhaps, while you wait for your replacement clochette, you can tan the light one by setting it to "sunbathe" on a sunny windowsill? That helps tan the vachetta. Monitor the level of tanning on the light vachetta until it matches the tanned look on your bag.

    I hope the replacement clochette would turn up at some point. Maybe while it's being made, they need to wait a bit to age the vachetta....?
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  3. The Vachetta on your handle has been pre aged with special treatment so that’s why the clochette doesn’t match. You should def request replacement parts for it. LV usually doesn’t start to make replacement parts for such a new bag until months out. I bet that’s the reason you have not gotten the replacement part yet. LV really should not be selling you the bag since it wasn’t whole. But given that it is limited edition, I’m sure it’s harder to come by. I would just try to age your current clochette yourself and call you sa once a month to follow up. Replacement parts will eventually come depending on the parts. Sometimes a month, sometimes three depending on the item. I’m sure your sa is at the mercy of replacement parts in europe. Sometimes there is nothing he or she can do but wait till Paris to take it’s sweet time to make one unfortunately.
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  4. Thanks very much for replying. The CA doesn't really seem to know about timing, unfortunately, just that ops said the part was orderable and that an order has been placed. .

    Honestly, because I don't know the method LV used to give the vachetta the particular aged look, I'm not even sure that tanning the light one will create a match, and I don't want to fiddle with it as I'm unsure whether I'll be expected to return this one once the replacement arrives. Hopefully not, but I don't know for sure, and I certainly don't want to be charged extra for simply trying to get the right accessory for my bag! Thanks again. :smile:
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  5. According to the CA, the request for replacements parts was made 3 weeks ago. It sounds from what you're saying that it's not so much that replacement parts won't be made available, but that they simply aren't available yet. This is good/bad news for me - I don't want to carry the bag and expose even the pre-aged vachetta to sunlight without having the matching clochette. I want the bag and clochette always get the same amount of sun exposure, so that if they darken further, they will darken evenly. On the other hand, I'll take the wait over having to insist on returning the bag, because it doesn't have its clochette. As long as I have some confidence that the matching clochette will be available at some point!

    I really wish LV hadn't sold me the bag this way!! Honestly, it's disappointing. On the other hand, at the time I requested this bag I had really no purchase history with LV (boy has that changed in the past couple months), and the CA still worked to get it for me, for which I am grateful. So is it better not to have the bag at all or to have the bag without the matching clochette? I'm not really sure... :frown:

    At any rate, thank you very much for your response! :wave:
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  6. Can you return it? I would and wait to get another new one (hopefully in tact). They really shouldn’t have sent you a faulty product.
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  7. Honestly, at this point, I think they're getting hard to find. In fact, even last month my local boutique saw on my purchase history that I managed to get one, and they were amazed - they had a client who really wanted it, and they were unable to locate it for her. I have been thinking of just requesting a return and letting it go. On the other hand, I keep thinking if I can just get the matching clochette, I'll be fine. There's nothing wrong with the bag itself. Thanks!
  8. My past replacements took 5+ weeks to come. My recent repair will take 10 - 12 weeks.
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  9. Thank you so much for that information - that does make me feel better! :smile:
  10. I have waited 4-6 weeks for replacement parts from France....
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  11. Thank you - so it seems my order is still within a very reasonable window. That is good to know! :smile:
  12. I would be surprised if you don’t get your replacement parts within three months. In the mean time, unless you are going to use this bag daily for three months straight (and even if you do), I think the likelihood of clochette and your bag handle color have a discernible color difference will be low. It’s a pre-treated vachetta. My understanding is it will age slowly. Since you have been buying a lot from this particular sa, ask for opinion. He/she will likely be very helpful as he/she wants to keep you happy as a long term customer. Good luck. You can also call up customer service to see the status of your replacement part. I believe they can look it up in your profile.
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  13. I was told six weeks from bag drop off or order to shipping the bag back to you or the store. I find this to be true. You can always call the toll free number and contact the repair department for more specific questions and estimates as well as progress updates.
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  14. I would honestly just use the bag. I have the same one. The vachetta key ball you got and the one that comes with it are totally different. I spot tested mine with water and it rolled right off. It almost has a plastic feel to it. In my opinion I don't think it will darken all that much even after years of use. But it's so new no one really know how it will age. I also would be surprised if they made you give the vachetta key ball back. In my experience ordering luggage tags and extra key balls it take about 4 weeks if not longer. I would just take the key bell off and tuck it away and use the bag without until you get the correct one. I don't keep the lock on mine. I don't like the look with it on.
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  15. It never occurred to me I could call CS for updates. That's a good tip, thanks!