How Long Does it Usually Take for Luisa Via Roma to ship?

  1. Hello,
    I'm about to purchase the Mousse Paddie from Luisa Via Roma and I was wondering if you guys knew how long it would take to ship. Also I was a little worried about customs. How does that work? Thanks a bunch guys!
  2. Hi, mine took about 4 days to ship, really fast! I was waiting ages coz it was on pre-order at the point, but LVR is very efficient and my experience with them was excellent, despite the previous couple of complaints with imperfect bags.

    They send it via Fedex so customs shouldn't be a problem. Bear in mind Fedex will charge you a fee for their service and tax, so you have to pay that directly to fedex after your parcel arrives. They will send u a form informing you of the price.

    Hope that helps.

    Oh and if you're in Europe I believe tax is already inclusive in the price, so you don't have to pay anything further.
  3. We get charged tax? Awww I was hoping I can avoid that nasty mess. Do you remember approximately the fedex fees and taxes come out to? Thanks!!!!!!!
  4. Are you in the US? If so, you would get a customs bill thru FedEx a few weeks after you receive your item that equals approx 10% of the item cost, plus a $5 FedEx fee. I think you can only pay the customs fee with a check - no cc. If this is your first time getting mdse from overseas FedEx will fax/email you a form to fill out as an 'importer' - sounds complicated but then you get the package really fast. My cc company also charged me around $33 to convert from euros. Total I saved around $280-300 off the US retail price of a paddy. Yeah, the customs sucks but it's still a good deal if you think you really want it, but you lose money if you want to return - better to resell it here in the States.
  5. My bag arrived in three days AND I saved (including tax) $600 in the end by ordering from them! I believe the duties stuff totals around 10% of the item. My experience was fabulous BUT returns are costly and their policy is not great. Once you remove their tag, no returns.
  6. Oh, and my paddy arrived without the key and leash! It has been 2 months now and they just emailed this morning that the replacement is coming via Chloe. (I'll believe when I see) A good number of people have great transactions with them - it's when things go wrong that it's slower or more expensive than working out problems with local retailers. (PS I think Daisy ordered a higher priced bag thus greater savings - you'll save about 20% on a regular satchel. No 'tax' but customs)
  7. Yep, I bought the medium Zippy and paid around $1300 total. Total from Nordstrom with tax was over $1900.
  8. I keep forgetting to add sales tax into the equation - I'm in a no-sales-tax state (!!) so when I figure what I saved over retail I don't even think of the tax others may be saving...

    does anyone know if you purchase over the phone from a Nordstrom store in a state like mine with no sales tax and you are in California or Washington, for instance, would they add sales tax to your order? Anyone tried it?

  9. Hmm....if I'm understanding your question correctly then I don't think you would be charged tax. If there is a Nordstroms in your state (I'm assuming you live in Oregon...lucky duck) then the Nordstroms would have to abide by the state taxation rules of your state. If there isn't a Nordies in your state then you're tax exempt either way. I hope that helped. Give them a call and double check. Good Luck!!
  10. So like if Daisy (living in a Nordstrom & tax state) wanted something that wasn't avail on LVR, but avail at the Nordstrom in Oregon, she could have it sold and shipped from the Oregon store w/o tax? Hmmm, those of you outside Oregon might nee to check this out! (no mousse paddies there, but they'd be cheaper from LVR anyway!)

  11. oooh I'm sorry I did misunderstand your question. If a person lived in a tax/nordie state and they ordered from Oregon's Nordies they would have to pay whatever state tax their state charges.
  12. Blu, Nordstrom doesn't work that way. Trust me, I've tried, but they always charge tax. Saks can work it with no tax... which is why I always order from my Saks Chicago guy (I'm in Houston) whenever possible.
  13. Aaaw, that's too bad! Glad your Saks guy is such an angel, Daisy!