How long does it take...

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  1. Does anyone know how long it takes for something to get to the outlet once it appears on the going going gone section of the website? I'm still dying for the black leather hailey and it finally hit the going gone stage. I already called my outlets and they don't have any yet. I'm also on their hold list if any come in. I don't want to miss out on this bag but everywhere else I've checked is out of stock too. Which sucks because I thought maybe I could do what a lot of you ladies you do and buy one at fp (but not clip the tags) in case the outlet doesn't come through for me. That way I'd be assured of having one and then if the outlet does come through I could just return the fp one since I won't have used it at all.
  2. I saw one at my local Dillard's this was marked 30% off.

    Dillard's (Oaks Mall - Gainesville, FL)
    (352) 331-1455
  3. Oh wow! I wonder if they'd let me purchase it over the phone and ship it to me? Was it in good condition (any obvious scratches or anything)?
  4. There were several display cabinets full of Coach clearance and I just happened to see the hailey. I really like the black madison leather with silver hardware so it caught my eye. I didn't actually handle the purse so I'm not sure about scratches, but I have purchased from them before and have never had a problem. There was also a small black w/silver hw sabrina.
  5. I would like to know too.I want to get some of the Madison op art sateen accessorie's....lg. wristlet, skinny and reg. wristlet!They are definetly worth waiting for.
  6. this might be a dumb question/comment...but i cant find the going going gone section on the website?! :sad:
  7. Haileys are on their way to the Outlet as we speak, according to my store's Manager.
  8. It is on the front page..Click on the top option on the box on the top left corner.Then it should be the last choice:smile:
  9. thank you!!
  10. That is such good news! The black leather Hailey's right? I know they've recently had the parchment, apricot, cornflower and sand Hailey's, but I haven't been able to find the black leather Hailey there. The SA I spoke with at the outlet said they never know when deletes are coming, so I guess I'm stuck waiting anyway, but it's good to hear from someone that they're definitely going to the outlet. All I can do is hope their waiting list works and they'll call me when they get one in. I'm just so darn impatient! lol!

    Wow. A Black leather Hailey and a Sabrina. I'd be in bag heaven there. :biggrin:
  11. Yeah, it's going to the outlet soon. My store only have ONE left and it was in black. I bought it yesterday. :biggrin: So none from my store ever made it to the outlets.

    It's going to be my knockaround bag, travel bag, and Raider game bag (silver and black ;)).
  12. Did you get yours at an outlet? I'm kind of scared my outlets won't get any and then I'll have lost out on the bag completely. But I hate to pay retail for something I know for sure is going to the outlets -- just maybe not my outlets. This is such torture! :nuts: