How long does it take?

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  1. I list an item for sale on ebay around 11am this morning but it still hasnt show up on the search's 2pm already..

    how long does it normally take for it to show up? I've never had problems like this alwasy has been for me to show up within 10 minutes after listing..

    Who should I talk to/email to if I dont see my item in the next few hours showing up at the search?

    thanks everyone!
  2. If you sell brand names items, it will take 12 to 24 hours to show.
  3. yup, i've had items take 25 hours, its a pain the neck !
  4. thanks for the reply! that's insane...

    how come other ppl who listed after me showed up already and mine hasn't????? btw, I listed a LV bag....
  5. It's going to take awhile.
  6. it does seem to vary too, i listed a balenciaga day and it showed straight away
  7. I have had some named brands go up straight away and some nearly 30 hours later!!! Guess it depends!
  8. I think if you post in the evenings and weekends it takes a little longer for the system to process it. Its probably because of the heavy traffic to the site at that time.

    It will eventually show up though don't worry! x