How long does it take?!!

  1. Sorry, Im getting impatient here. But how long does it take for an auction to show up on eBay after its been created?

    Also, I keep changing my auction to reflect that I ship worldwide and it just keeps going back to "ships to united states" I've changed it like 10 times!

    Any input?
  2. The more you revise it the longer its going to take for it to post.

    One time it took almost 1 day for it to show up. Sometimes it can take an hour. You can search for it on eBay forums.

    Just dont revise it and it will show up faster!
  3. From what I've read it takes from 8-24 hours. Isn's so annoying?
  4. Wow thats really changed! Its beena while since Ive listed anything, I dont remember it ever being that long!

    I guess I better stop revising so that it shows I ship worldwide!
  5. yeah it really sucks! you pay to have it listed for 7 days~ and you only get a little over 6 days!!!
  6. Mine have taken up to 36 hours to post, depending on the name brand I was selling.
  7. As others have said, it can be a frustratingly long time and 24 hours is not unusual. In my experience, anything high end or designer takes at least 12 hours and often longer - such a pain, I know.
  8. For me it has been between 8 and 12 hours. I know it's not fair. You're paying for this time, but sellers aren't seeing your item.