How long does it take you (looking online/going to the store) b4 making a PURCHASE???

  1. Just curious :yes: does it take you a long time to decide if you're going to purchase a certain bag that you like? Like for instance myself, I'm kinda impulsive. And I think it's a disadvantage when buying luxury brands like an LV. I'm relatively new and like everyone else here, I would really love to have a biiiiiig collection of beautiful bags ;) but I don't want to make a purchase and then regret doing it after and tell myself, "ohh you shoud've gotten the other one..." That would be grrrr! :cursing: Did any of you had this experience? How did you cope with that feeling???
  2. It usually takes me a while because I'm indecisive and I'd have to make room in my schedule to go to the mall. :push:
  3. If you are new, I would definitely take like a month just to really farmilurize yourself with the brand. Learn about the product lines, materials, bags, ect. Use this website as well as the louis website itself and you will be able to find out a lot.
  4. I have a long wishlist but nothing eveer seems to get crossed every time I go to the store I see something else and get that instead plus all the waitlisted items. The wiatlisted items I look at for months but never really know if it's coming home until I see them
  5. Do SAs mind if you keep going back to the store just to check the bags and not making any purchases? Personally, I might feel a little awkward doing that. Thankfully, we don't have a store where i live hehehe! Or maybe that's a disadvantage? :sad:

  6. Hahaha:lol: that would probably be the same case with me! But how about when you get into a waitlisted item and then you decide you don't like it when it arrives, can you still refuse it? Or you're forced to buy it?
  7. ^ No you can refuse it it's best to try and only waitlist for the things you have a good chance of actually buying if you keep waitlisting and rejecting the store may pass you over in favour of other customers
  8. Thanks so much label addict!:love:
  9. For me it really depends on how much money I have in my bank account to determine when I will buy a bag/accessory. LOL
  10. I obsess for a while online. I have two stores relatively close. Both are about an hour and a half in opposite directions. I've only been to one (three times) and was treated poorly each time. So I'm not exactly dying to visit the other. I'm sure it's easier to make a decision when you've seen a bag in person but for's easier to obsess online. Also, looking at modeling pics on the forum helps me out A LOT! But when I'm finally ready to take the plunge I go the eLux route. Of course it'll cost me to send it back if I have to but I just find online shopping a much better experience for me. My computer is never busy and will let me "browse" as much as I want!
  11. i'm definately more of an impluse person
  12. I didn't think about my first two purchases at all, they were totally impulse buys. I also wasn't as informed about products etc. The last times I've purchased items I really thought about it and, for me, that's better. As knasarae said, the modelling pics on here help A LOT in deciding whats right for me!!!
  13. I toke forever for my 1st LV purchase....well not forever but within like 3 weeks.I decided to bought my speedy at california (which is stupid bc the tax is so high). After a few purchase, I learned from the experience and now I'm taking it slow. I gotta see it online, try it on personally.
  14. It takes me at least a month to be sure.
  15. It takes me couple days.. just to test myself to make sure that I really want the bag.. then I decide after asking other people what they think about it.. then I make my decision. xD

    I'm not very impulsive on something i'm gonna be spending a lot of money on.. :sad:

    Of course stuff happens after I get the bag and I might have a change of thought. :x