How long does it take to see your auction on ebay?

  1. I listed an auction and although I can see it in "My Ebay" when I try to do a word search I can't see it. I listed it about 30 minutes ago.

    I have never experienced this. Is there a time lapse now?
  2. It takes several hours for it to show up. I listed one at noon today, and it still hasn't shown up 7 hours later. Every auction does it.
  3. Sheesh! I've listed on ebay before and it's never taken so long!
    They should at least credit you the time that it doesn't show up...
  4. Hey,
    It depends on the item your listing.. on things that need to be inspected.. like bags, take up to 6 hrs to be approved. Anything basically with a designer name takes a little bit.. also electronics. This is a part of the eBay indexing system, the only way you will know if its live on ebay is when you go to "view sellers other items" and its there...
  5. It has to past the VeRO panel first :s
  6. Really? How do all these nasty really really bad $70 something dollar fakes get past the VERO panel? :weird:
  7. Go figure! My DH says they're the d@**ies! :cursing:
  8. the auctions don't pass through VERO first. They have to be cycled in because there are thousands and thousands of listings listed every minute.
  9. Items that have a brand name that are on the VeRO will be scrutinized before it is cycled in. Most of my children items are listed immediately and sometimes sold within 10 minutes. Well, it's only my opinion. Sorry, didn't mean to upset anyone.:shrugs: :crybaby: