how long does it take to receive Shirise mail orders?

  1. for those of you who have ordered from Shirise long did it take you to actually get your bag in the mail? Ordered on Saturday (and supposedly it shipped on sat) and I live in CA. I seriously CANNOT WAIT another day! The ANTICIPATION IS KILLING ME! :yucky:
  2. Mine got from Chicago to New York in 2 business days. (ordered Sat received Tuesday). I think California should probably be about the same?
  3. Hmm...I wonder how long to arrive in Canada???
  4. ohhhhhh, that means I'll get mine tomorrow! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks susan-eric!

    sorry, no idea about canada.
  5. I guess they start ship the bag on monday, when I order the bag on sat, gayle told me that the bag will be shipped on monday via UPS, so I should expect to received it on Wed then... (I also live in CA).
  6. hmmmm, debbie told me my bag would be shipped out on saturday. hope she wasn't mistaking.....
  7. There's no UPS on Saturday.
  8. oh. ok, then wednesday then. =(
  9. I live in CA, and the last time I ordered from Shirise (which was on a Saturday), they shipped on Monday and my bag arrived on Friday.
  10. i ordered on saturday, but tony said that they shipped it on monday. like susan-eric said no UPS on saturday.
    you can call for tracking number. i called them today for it and i've been watching it like a hawk!
  11. I just called them to ask for the tracking number... apparently they use UPS ground, so it took 4 days to ship to CA.. it should be here on Fri...
  12. i ordered on saturday.... it's estimated to arrive on thursday. yay!