How long does it take to patina?

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  1. If I were to put my bag next to the window continuously. How long (months/years?) does it take to develop that lovely patina many are talking about?
  2. So I just purchased my Keepall 45 and I really want a darker patina on it like I've had it for 5 years or so. Is there any quick way to do that other than just taking it out every day? I heard some people use brown shoe polish, but is that safe?
  3. I would suggest you not use the brown shoe polish.

    My cousin had a bad experience with darkening the handles of her speedy. She used lotion and olive oil and now the handles of her speedy are dull and lack the shine factor that many like me adore.

    My speedies have glorious patinas, I simply just use them. However, i did try olive oil just once on my 25, which i dont suggest doing.

    I believe the beauty of Vuitton is creating your own patina on your bags.

    Just wear it in good health, with no added preservatives, ha.

    Good luck!
  4. Depending on your environment, using things like brown shoe polish or olive oil may actually cause damage in the bag in the long run. The safest way to give your bag a good patina is to put it in the sunlight when you're not using it, making sure to turn it around once in awhile to get a nice, even patina. I would not try anything else otherwise.
  5. Thanks ladies!
    If I leave it like right beside the window
    and take it out like every day,
    how long should it take?

    This is going to sound weird, but can I
    leave it outside like on a towel to "tan"?
    would that work?
  6. ^
    Keeping in the sun is the safest way to speed up the patina process. Even Sas recommend this. Just remember to turn it around so that each area will be equally exposed to the sun.
  7. If you are "sun tanning" it, it shouldn't take too long. I have been using my Azur Speedy since I got it about 5 weeks ago and it's gotten tanned. Here's the before & now pics: (last pic is from 5 weeks ago -- new)
    Auzr Handles.jpg Azur with Patina.jpg azur1-redone.jpg
  8. My SA said she leaves her LVs in the trunk of her car to get a faster, more even patina. Is this true? She says the humidity in the trunk helps.

    My car sits outside all day in a parking lot while I am at work. Temperatures are about 90 degrees F these days. My LV is brand new..should I try this? How long should I leave the bag in the trunk?
  9. I accidentally left my mono speedy in the car and yes it did darken so I do think it works. I know others here will tell you not to do it, but it worked for me if you want to speed up the patina process. I don't think I would leave a MC, or a denim bag in the car, but mono is so tough, I don't think it can hurt it.
  10. I left my beverly gm in my car back seat (I have an SUV) everyday for about about a month straight for 6-8 hours a day. Well, it patina-ed perfectly evenly and quicker than usual. Its actually still a light-medium honey. For reference, my bag is made in USA.
  11. Here are some pics 1st pre patina, second after car patina. I should mention the bag was protected with apple leather protectant lotion before use.
    bevprepatina.jpg bevpatina.jpg

  12. You know what, my SA said the same thing. Correct me if I'm wrong but you are in VA also (from your old post). I have a new eole and I want it to patina somewhat before I wheel him in for his maiden voyage. I have been keeping it at my backseat for a week now and when I park in a mall or something I keep it in the trunk. It does say though in the LV website never to leave your bag in the interior of a car. But I would think vinyl is tough so I am doing it but checking if the canvas is affected. I also leave it from 9-1130 in direct sun and then transfer my car to a location where by 2pm it is already shaded. Ah, the things we do for our LVs. Will update you. :rolleyes:
  13. Thanks guys! I might have to try this and see.

    LVuitton...which LV do you go to?
  14. Neiman's and Chevy
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