How long does it take to lift leg?

  1. My dog is a 5 month old male chihuahua and he still squats! How long does it take for him to lift his leg to pee? He's such a pansy! :rolleyes:
  2. awww :smile: he still has a few months to go :smile: my male shih tzu is 13 and every now and then he squats like a girl! i think it's adorable!
  3. lol I have an 9 month chi/pappilion mixed and he always squats...hehe I dont think he will every grow out of it.
  4. Haha dont worry I have an 8 month old toy poodle and he is a little pansy at heart too; he started lifting his leg at around 7 months, and now hes in between, sometimes he lifts his leg sometimes he squats its cute :smile:
  5. My 9 month old male Shih Tzu always squats~ I read somewhere that many times, it has to do with getting them fixed early. If you have them fixed before sexual maturity, the instinct to mark his territory isn't there, hence he doesn't lift his leg.
  6. It seems some dogs are just more prone to squat. I have a 10mth old male cocker spaniel and he always squats. My mom has a 6mth male cocker as well and hers also squats... maybe it's a cocker spaniel thing... sorry I guess I'm no help there
  7. My parents' 9 year old German Shorthaired Pointer still squats! haha. We love him anyway. :rolleyes:
  8. I remember someone telling me once males start to lift their leg when they're about a year old.
  9. LOL My male Chi is 2 years old...when he pees he just stretches out reaaaaaaaaaaaaally long and barely lifts one of his back legs. He is so lazy!!
  10. My oldest dog never lifted his leg, until we got the younger dog. The younger one taught the older one how do it. Even now, he doesn't quite lift his leg correctly. Most dogs lift it and kind of expose the pee pee area. Mine just bends his one leg at the knee and goes.:weird:
  11. We had a male who mostly squatted and just sometimes lifted his leg. We had a female who lifted her leg to mark! She was just like a boy dog--little tomboy.

    Every dog is a little different.
  12. Prince is 10 months old and he does the lazy stretch waaaay out and sort of lifts one leg. He's a hoot!
  13. my doxie started to lift his leg when he was around 1 yr old. But sometimes he still squats too.