How long does it take to learn fakes?

  1. How much time did you spend looking at bags before you could spot fakes?
  2. If you are planning a shopping trip where that would be a concern, I would suggest taking along a friend who knows all the various brand names, and models and versions and betas and release candidates etc.

    She can not only help you make your selection, but can give you tips and tricks and get you started.
  3. There should be NO problem,
    if you purchase your bags at their respective authentic boutiques or better
    end department stores. Don't waste time trying to figure out fakes.
  4. If you have an eye for detail, then you should easily be able to tell.

    Most designers have a set way as to how the fabric/leather is placed on bags. Just check out the stitching and that alone can give you a big clue.

    If you can save yourself a couple hundred bucks and still get the real thing, then go for it. I'd rather not spend $600 on the bag of my dreams if I know where I can get it for $200 and still have authentic.
  5. Get the real thing and you'll know the difference right away;)
  6. I spent a few weeks in the MJ authenticating forum and learned so much about what to look for. I think you just need to do your research and spend some time in the authenticating forums of the brands you're interested in. There are so many knowledgeable people in those forums! I learned a ton that way. If I still wasn't 100% certain I would post in them. Some fakes are really good, and you'd have to really know your stuff in order to differentiate.

    I guess it depends what you're asking. If it's spotting fakes in order to avoid buying them, that's one thing. Spotting fakes that people carry is another, because you don't get the same amount of detail and clues and stuff.
  7. That's what I meant. I know many have posted luck at TJ Maxx and Marshall's, but I think I might have to be careful there just in case.

    And thanks for the advice! I have been spending time reading and learning. I have quite some time before I hit my goal anyway :p
  8. Thanks! I do have an eye for detail. If I even remotely thought I didn't I wouldn't bother to learn fakes. And I especially agree with the bolded :tup: I don't mind saving to get what I want, but the better the price the more I can own:yahoo:
  9. I don't know anyone else who likes them.
  10. Even if you did, if you want to buy a bag or anything else, that is produced by a particular manufaturer, the best way to make sure you are getting that is to just go to an authorized retailer. You can go to the company's website and most of them will have lists of retailers where their products can be purchased, and if they don't have a list like that, email or call them, and they will be glad to tell you the closest store to you!
  11. Depends on the designer. I can spot a fake Tods 99% of the time.
  12. As long as you're shopping at authorized retailers (i.e., NM, Saks, Nordstroms, Bloomingdales, Barnenys, etc) - or website (i.e., eLuxury, Revolve, ADASA, Luna Boston, The Purse Store, Shop Bop, etc) - then you shouldn't have to worry.

    You mentioned TJMaxx & Marshalls - altho I've heard that a few fakes have been spotted, I think the chances of getting a fake from them is pretty small - since they get their merchandise either from major dept stores or overstock/last season from the designers themselves, it's not that likely you'd get a fake - the only way I'd see that happening is if someone bought an authentic bag & then later returned a fake one, which in turn, got put back on the sale floor.

    As for how to spot a fake - it's easier if you focus on one or two designers. Of course, there are general "rules" that apply to all designers, but it might be best to focus your attention to one or two designers and then learn all you can about their bags - i.e., stitching, colors, linings, hardware, tags, etc.

    I know Marc Jacobs pretty well, but only up until about 2005/06 - that's when I started adding other designers to my collection. I'm not as knowledgeable about the newer, more recent MJ bags because I haven't bought a new one in quite some time. As for his earlier designs and the "classic" collection, that's all I bought (and/or looked at) for several years so I became very familiar with what belonged where and how to spot a fake. But I couldn't tell you anything about other designers (i.e., Chanel, LV, Chloe, etc.) because my collection never centered around them.
  13. Yeah stitching usually gives it away.
  14. It does depend on the designer! :yes:

    I spent hours on the YSL forum reading previous posts, looking at detailed pics and doing searches online before buying my bags. Going to different department stores to try on the bags also helped a great deal.

    I did the same research with Chloe, but I could not see a set pattern or obtain a set of guidelines that would satisfy me, so I gave up on that brand and returned an Edith to Bloomies (it was a returned item from another state, with no tags and no dust bag). I read that even at department stores, you may encounter a fake.
  15. Not very long I guess.
    I've been spending a whole lot of time at the Louis Vuitton forum and I can spot for about 60% of the fakes now (next to the complete obvious ones with 'XL' on it instead of 'LV',, of course!), although I don't even have purchased my first one yet.