How long does it take to get the wrinkles out of a speedy?

  1. I just got a speedy damier and I cant belive it came all folded like a wrap! How can I get the wrinkles and creases out. It is all stiff and looks drunk. lol I want a nice smooth speedy , I dont like the way it looks on me this way. I have the mini lin and that was shipped to me very nice , no wrinkles. This was all folded up .:nuts:It looks abused poor thing .
  2. Where was it shipped from? I wouldnt want a wrinkled one either.
  3. I bought it today from a boutique. When I opened the box at home it was flat like a pancake.I am not a happy girl right now. I knew i should of gotton the hampstead or mini lin. The one at the store was all nice and smooth. Do these wrinkles come out?
  4. I got mine late June and it's just about ironed out now, I've stuffed it a few times when not in use and just used it generally. :smile:
  5. I've had mine since last October and it still has some creases. It seems like other girls on here have better luck than me. It just seems like it is taking mine FOREVER. I have 3 speedies all together and they all are taking so long to smooth out. Definitely don't fold it up again and keep it stuffed when you're not carrying it.
  6. Wow I didnt know that boutiques gave them out all wrinkled I would think they would not fold them so that wouldnt happen I would exchange and ask them to give you the display if its in new condition if not check out other speedys and ask that they not fold it.
  7. when you buy a regular speedy (not the MC or the pefo and some other LE) they come folded up like that. Its just the way they store them and sell them. Just start using it and the lines will come out. also as others have said you can store it stuffed instead of folding it back up if you want to.
  8. ^ ITA.

    it's not "wrinkled" per se but just folded up and all the speedys (mono/damier/azur) come that way straight out of the box. the best thing is to use it daily and i say put a purseket inside to get that speedy shape up and running right away. :yes:
  9. Wow - if you bought it at the boutique they should have "stuffed" it for you and put it in a nice box. That's what they did for mine.
  10. they come folded like that(mono, damier)....i have the mono speedy and i got mine last october and all of my wrinkles and creases are out of it...i stuffed mine with tshirts at night....and it took a couple months but they all came out! and just use it...that definatly helps too!!
  11. <---i hate the idea of a folded LV bag, but that is how speedies come. My speedy 40 still has some creases, I stuffed it and sat it in the sun for about 2 hours....and its better...
  12. Thanks everyone, some good ideas! We will see how it goes. If not I will exchange for the Hampstead.
  13. I recently tried on a Speedy 40 at the LV botique, and the SA pulled it out of the dust bag all flat and folded up like that, and it looked awful with all the creases! I didn't buy that particular one, but just bought one from the MyPoupette website, and have purchased a "Speedy Shaper pillow" from (you can also do a search on eBay). I'm hoping to stuff my new-to-me Speedy when it gets here in a few weeks with the shaper pillow, as I'm sure it will be shipped folded and creased like that. Good luck to you - I'm sure with some stuffing and usage, those creases will come right out! :okay:
  14. I second this recommendation! I bought one from her too -- and I bet if you stuff it with that that the wrinkles will come out in no time -- it really stuffs it to the max. Worked for me. I would just start using your bag, though, and try to start enjoying it.
  15. If you use it a lot, especially in the warm weather, then the creases will fall out. It takes patience, it drove me crazy, but they all come like that.