How long does it take to get the worn-out corners?

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  1. So today I saw someone toting a beige LP large shopping bag with holes the size of my thumbnail in the 4 corners - eek! :faint: Made me clutch my own LP a little closer to my chest and promise to love it a little bit more. Hahahaha. :P

    So...I know the corner wear is a problem with nylon LPs. My question is, approximately how much wear can they take before they start to look seriously frayed and unusable for bringing out?

    Also, can anyone compare the corner wear on an LP Neo vs that on a regular LP?

    I've had my LP and Neo for about half a year now, and just started to notice some slight wearing at the corners. Gah! :sad: :sad: :sad:
  2. The corners on my large black LP are pretty worn...that's after 2 1/2 years of almost exclusive use. I can still use the bag, but it should really be replaced within the next few months.
  3. You can take your bags into Longchamp and they will repair it. The bag will be a little it smaller as they resew the corners, but you don't have to replace it with a new bag.
  4. I'm really hard on my bags, and I've noticed slight fraying within 1-2 months. My lighter colored bags tend to get a little dirty around the corners too. I've had two bags get visible holes, and both times, it was after over a year of continual use (i.e. I wore that bag almost every day). These days I rotate bags, so none of my newer ones have holes (yet).
  5. Oh yeah, I'm in the same boat as you - my LPs are for uni used, so they're stuffed to the brim, so I expected slight fraying too! Thankfully mine are in Bilberry and a burgundy sort of colour, so the colour is a little more manageable. I think €80 every 2-3 years is a fair price to pay for such a well-made bag!
  6. Ooh, I heard about this but am hoping I won't have to utilise this service until a couple of years from now :P They only do it once for free, right?
  7. 2.5 years of daily use sounds like a pretty good deal. I'm rotating between 3 to 4 bags for uni and work, so hopefully mine hold out for the next 5 years at least!

  8. Admittedly, I don't baby my Le Pliages too much, but I know they can handle it! I love when they're a bit more broken in. And I don't mind spending ~$150 every 2 or 3 years on a new bag. I don't really spend on bags (anymore, at least!) otherwise.
  9. Usually I'll say it depends on much you put it in, but my longchamps usually with everyday wear 9 months-1 year. (I'm a student)

  10. I went to the Longchamp store and they can repair the holds for free once. All my LPs have little holes on the corners, the sales rep suggested I wait till it gets worse to get service done.

    I can't remember if they ship it to NY or Paris to get it repaired. Has anyone ever got the repairs done and how you had to part with your LP?
  11. I've gotten two repaired thus far…I have multiple Longchamps so when one is gone, I just use the others. Our store is located in Toronto, and they ship out to New Jersey for repairs.
    Both times, it has taken 4 weeks total to get the repairs done. They call you to let you know it's ready for pick-up. The bag comes back with the corners looking pristine! However, one thing to keep in mind is they have to fold up the corners to do the repair, so the bag will be a tiny bit smaller when it's returned to you. I didn't mind this at all, but it's something to take note of.

    I've heard to get it done a second time doesn't cost much at all, so when I pick up my current bag that has its repairs finished, I will ask how much the exact cost is for a 2nd repair.

    **Also, the corners wear out A LOT quicker depending on material. My three Planetes bags are way more durable than my classic lepliage, because the nylon is thicker. My LM Metal seems to fall in between the planetes and the lepliage in terms of durability. if durability is your main concern, I'd suggest going with a thicker material, like the NEO.
  12. I had the Le Pliage in Navy for about 2 years before I sold it. I used it everyday for school so it started to wear out after the first year and a half and then I finally sold it on eBay. Only lost $50 which is not that bad. I purchased the Le Pliage Neo collection in all black last fall and I love it. I had to DIY the baseboard for my first Le Pliage and used it for my second bag :P
  13. I was contemplating getting a large le pliage in bilberry but was concerned on the wear and tear. I read that some had fraying after a couple of months of use. Can anyone post a pic of the wear on the corners of their bag and how long til you started seeing the wear on it?
  14. I think my first LP in bilberry had 2 worn corners after a year of daily use at school. I never got it repaired as I ended up using it as a gym bag.
  15. That's exactly the one I use for uni. I'm currently in bed and too lazy to get up, but i can post a pic tomorrow :P

    It was fraying about 3 months in, definitely - no holes or anything, but the edges were clearly not perfect condition. Bear in mind I was carrying extremely heavy things to and from uni all day, but I was also rotating it out with about 3 other bags.