How long does it take to get the bag from BalNY?

  1. I just recently placed an order from BalNY. It was last Saturday and I haven't received the bag yet. It's via UPS ground i think. How long does it usually take? Is there a tracking number i can ask from them? Thanks!
  2. Well, where do you live?
  3. I received two bags in 3 days and the first one I think took about a week...
  4. I live in Florida and it takes 4 days from something to get to me from BalNY, which is the free shipping UPS ground.
    call BalNY and they will track it for you.
  5. NY to LA....takes 4-5 days:smile:
  6. I live in Georgia. I sent email before but got no answer. I will call them.

    Thank you all for the information!
  7. NY to SF took a week!
  8. When did you order it on Saturday? I just realized it may not have been sent out until Moday - not sure if UPS works on Sunday (?) But usually BalNY doesn't send my bag out until the next business day after I order it.
  9. I ordered my bag on a Saturday and I got it on Tuesday or Wednesday. I live in Chicago.
  10. I've gotten both of mine in two-three business days.... I'm just outside of Chicago....
  11. I live in Southern California, and since I am an impatient brat, I paid to have my Matelasse overnighted to me. But when it was getting late the following day I called them, and they deffinitely can track a bag for you, and give you the status on it! Go ahead and call to see what is up!
  12. I always talk to Rico who is the Shipping Manager. He tracks anything right away and I never get the run around.
  13. i live in ny and it took 2 days
  14. 2 days? My office is in NJ and it always comes next day. Who help you LOR.
  15. I'm located in asia, in fact, i was shocked to receive the item within less than 7 workin days......pretty fast than i tot.....hehehehe