How long does it take to deliver a bag from one store to another?

  1. I ordered the Segur and now i'm waiting until she'll arrive at my long does it take?? days?? weeks??
    Because i'm gonna make an exchange and my 30 days for the return expire next week on 25th october:s
  2. I had shoes sent from another store took only 2 days
  3. Knowing LV they probably expediate shipping so I wouldn't expect more than a few days. :smile:
  4. Perfect!!!
  5. Shouldn't be more than a few days, as everyone says, but I notice you're in Italy, so might be different than we're used to. If it gets close, you can return your bag and ask for a store credit (which, here at least is good for 1 year).
  6. They usually transfer overnight. :yes:
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